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Dubai Municipality inspires employees for bigger win at Government Excellence Award

Two-day workshop helps staff to gain better understanding of the award categories and standards

Dubai Municipality has successfully concluded a two-day workshop conducted to raise awareness among its employees on the standards and criteria for the Dubai Government Excellence Programme (DGEP) Awards.

The workshop, held 15-16 September 2015 was part of the Dubai Municipality’s efforts to align its strategy with Dubai’s vision of a smart government and plans to strengthen the principle of excellence and best practices in the performance of government departments in the emirate.

Over 100 employees of the Municipality attended the workshop, led by experts from DGEP. The interactive workshop provided the employees with opportunities to familiarise themselves with the different categories of the Awards comprising Distinguished Administrative Initiative, Distinguished Work Team, Distinguished Technical Project, Distinguished Inter-Governmental Project, Innovative Idea, Government Entity Sponsoring Creativity, as well as awards for excellence in financial, government communications and shift to smart government.

Abdullah Abdul Rahman, Director of Strategy and Corporate Excellence Department at Dubai Municipality, said: “The workshop underlines our commitment to enhance government performance and the dissemination of knowledge about the standards of excellence among our employees. The workshop will inspire our staff to provide the best services to the public, and improve customer service standards across the various departments in Dubai Municipality.”

Praising the speakers from DGEP for providing an all-round view of the Awards and categories, Abdul Rahman said: “I extend my sincere gratitude to the Dubai Government Excellence Programme team, particularly Dr. Ziad Kahlout Quality and Excellence Advisor, and Engineer Osama Youssef Hammad, Senior Consultant for their clear definition and explanation on the Awards as well as the participation and nomination processes.”

Abdul Rahman also mentioned the positive response to the workshop from employees and said the Municipality will review the employee feedback, including new proposals and ideas and then develop programmes to help employees improve their performance and excellence in service delivery.

Dubai Municipality is aiming for an enhanced participation and greater achievements in the 2016 cycle of DGEP to reinforce its position among the best-performing government departments. As part of such efforts the Municipality has institutionalised strategic management and organisational excellence and established systems to disseminate knowledge on best international practices in administrative and service excellence.

The Municipality has also created a partnership with the Community Development Authority (CDA), to allow employees from both sides to participate in performance excellence workshops conducted by the two entities.