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Dubai Real Estate Institute organize Government Innovation Leadership Training

The course will focus on providing positive strategies that help them overcome the challenges through their development of creative projects

The Dubai Real Estate Institute, the educational arm of Dubai Land Department, announces the “Government Innovation Leadership Training” a new training course, which is designed to cultivate the best practices in leadership and management. The content is dedicated to equip all government leaders, current and future management leaders in the public service of United Arab Emirates by integrating the virtually apposite strategies and tools to overcome challenges in developing practically innovative projects.

The 2 days course which will be held on 24 and 25 January 2016, aim the category of managers in the public sector, people with managerial roles currently high or in the future in this sector. The course belong to the context of the new cycle of educational services through more than 70 specialized courses offered by the institute in Arabic and English, as well as important information across a range of periodic reports and awareness campaigns and training in the private real estate sector.

“We are trying through these courses to translate the message Dubai Real Estate Institute for the deployment of real estate knowledge and ensure sustainability among all parties concerned, especially since the development of managers’ skills in targeted sectors means eventually upgrade the prospects for the real estate sector, which is one of the elements of the economy in the Emirate of Dubai,” said HE Sultan Butti Bin Mejren, Director General of DLD.

Bin Mejren added: “We have designed the content of the session to provide all participants from the government sector managers, and those candidates for advanced management positions in their organizations, with the tools and skills that will help them on the tasks required from them with high efficiency performance. The course will focus on providing positive strategies that help them overcome the challenges through their development of creative projects. “

The course outline is focused on how to convert creative ideas to virtual innovative projects, how to effectively communicate the event for innovation, looking into global government case studies and examples of innovation from different governments, as well as negotiating Apps, Digital & Social Innovation.

During the course participants will have the chance to familiarize themselves with the crucial processes to be implemented in your cities unique urban innovations, enhance their analytical skills to incarnate innovative thinking and ideas to develop functional innovative urban projects, implement leadership best practices by personifying and regenerating creative ideas and innovation in their team, and master innovation and communication to triumph their stakeholders’ expectations.

DREI assures particpants that those courses provided by Christopher Hire, will help the to conduct an in-depth analytical study on other victorious Governmental innovative strategies as a learning prototype, gain a deeper insight on the processes by investigating various technological amenities to support digital and social innovation work, and acquire the proactive approach to understand and be proactive on government challenges for innovation.

Christopher Hire is the Executive Director of Analysis; he is a specialist in the topic of Innovation Cities™, data analytics and modelling innovation processes (industry specific segment innovation for government and the private sector), having modelled the historical and current innovation processes for clients. He established the Innovation Cities™ Program in 2007 from original 2005 research.