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Dubai set to welcome Dum Dum Donutterie, UK’s gourmet doughnut brand

Dum Dum store offers several varieties a day, ranging from salted caramel and glazed to chocolate dipped and creamy flavours

The first written record of the doughnut dates back to 1809. Traditionally filled with jam or vanilla custard, the doughnut has been a favourite for generations the world over. But in the last few years, these beautiful fried delights have had a serious makeover and the humble snack has now gone gourmet.

Dum Dum Donutterie is the world’s first artisan baked doughnut or croissant doughnut brand. Made with only natural ingredients and yet uncompromising on irresistible deliciousness, Dum Dum steers away from traditional frying and offers beautifully baked handmade doughnuts to a growing legion of loyal of fans across the UK.

After a 17-year development process, Chef Paul Hurley perfected the art of creating a doughnut that is low calorie – with as little as 6gm of fat in some, lighter, fluffier and mouthwateringly scrumptious. The favorite of famous customers and top celebrities in the UK, Dum Dum doughnuts use an internationally patented baking process to give the best tastes. They are freshly baked every day, and when the day’s batches are over, a “sold-out” sign goes up on the door.

Scheduled to launch in December, Dum Dum Donutterie Dubai is the vision of two young entrepreneurs Fadl Saadeddine and Mohammad Irshaid. “I think doughnuts have a nostalgic value – no matter which part of the world you come from or what your age, everyone enjoys biting into a soft doughnut. With changes in cooking methods and use of natural ingredients, Dum Dum has given this sweet indulgence a foothold in a more health-conscious world,” said Fadl Saadeddine.

“We’re looking forward to bringing home UK’s most loved doughnut brand. While we intend to keep the essence of what Dum Dum UK offers, we will add in a taste of local flavours too. It’s important for us to absorb the local culture no matter where we open stores,” said Mohammad Irshaid

Opening at Jumeirah Beach Road, the Dum Dum store offers several varieties a day, ranging from salted caramel and glazed to chocolate dipped and creamy flavours. Cros – which are baked croissant doughnuts, will also be available to customers along with chilled juices, tea and coffee. Dum Dum doughnuts can be booked online on in advance to guarantee the doughnut selection or over the phone on the doughnut hotline.