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DULSCO ushers in Women’s Day with Al Noor kids

A team of 30 women from Dulsco visited Al Noor and celebrated the International Women’s day with the kids at the centre. As part of Dulsco’s CSR initiative, the group of women dedicated their time at the centre to make the children feel special. Al Noor Training Centre is a non-profit community which is supported by the Ministry of Social Affairs. Dulsco believes in CSR driven by action and has been sponsoring the complete education expenses of four children at the Al Noor Centre. During the visit, the women spent quality time interacting with the four children supported by Dulsco.

“While Dulsco continues to grow in its business, we do not forget to give back to the community from where we started. The organization is completely aware of its corporate social responsibilities and adopts various platforms to assist the community in multiple ways, one of which is raising funds for children at the Al Noor Centre. By celebrating Women’s day with the children at Al Noor, we were able to achieve the dual objective of being a responsible employer and a responsible corporate citizen,” said S. Balakumar, Managing Director, Dulsco.

There was a growing demand to cater to the nurturing and development of the Special Needs Community in Dubai and this was one of the reasons for the formation of Al Noor. The centre satisfies the need of the multi-ethnic community of Dubai right from the infant stage to the integration into the society by rendering effective professional training programmes. Using a structured approach it reaches and offers courses in psychology, sports, speech and language therapy, physiotherapy amongst others. Al Noor has its own placement centre which prepares children for future employment.

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