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Dunes center opens a new branch of Azar Gems

Dunes center in Verdun, Lebanon’s first commercial center, recently announced the opening of a new branch of the well-known modern jewelry store ‘Azar Gems’ in L0.

Known for its fine precious stones and Belgian cut diamonds, Azar Gems offers an array of products, including bracelets, earrings and watches. Among the collections available at the store are diamond jewelry, colored stones jewelry, coral and turquoise jewelry and more.

With multiple branches all over the Arab world as well as in Belgium and the United States, Azar Gems’ top quality craftsmanship ensures all items and designs please the different tastes and styles of its customers.

Situated in one of Beirut’s most popular districts, Dunes Center aims at pleasing all its clientele by offering a variety of best in line stores. Dunes Center is a mid-sized shopping center with a variety of cuisines, a food court and an Arcade center.