Complex Made Simple

DuPont shares smiles with beautiful people from Mawaheb

DuPont recently visited Mawaheb from Beautiful People, an art studio for adults with special needs as a part of its DuPont Community Fund Program. DuPont has demonstrated a strong sense of community and social responsibility since the company was founded in 1802. The DCF Program addresses one or more components of community sustainability including social progress, economic success and environmental excellence.

Collaborating with Mawaheb from Beautiful people, DuPont engaged in a fun and exciting activity themed “What are you thankful for?” where the teams reflected on what makes them grateful. The responses were then crafted creatively in a joint art masterpiece on a large canvas.

“At DuPont, we care for our communities. As a part of our core values, we respect the society where we operate and believe in empowering individuals to build their self-advocacy skills to gain independence. We were honoured to collaborate with Mawaheb From Beautiful People. Engaging with the talented student artists was truly an enlightening experience and we hope that DuPont contribution can further foster their growth and development. The magnificent piece of art proudly adorns our office wall,” said Amin Khayyal, General Manager, DuPont United Arab Emirates.

“The concept of Mawaheb From Beautiful People is to promote positive development in adults with special needs and to make valuable contributions through art and creativity. We would like to thank DuPont for their support. The event has proven to be a positive experience for everyone involved, while especially motivating our students to enhance their creativity. We feel that through these activities, we are really achieving our objectives, which is to integrate people with special needs amongst our society,” stated Wemmy de Maaker, Managing Director, Mawaheb from Beautiful People.

The 2014 DuPont Community Fund has awarded nearly 76 projects worldwide, 12 of them in 9 countries of Europe, Middle East and Africa region, including United Arab Emirates .