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Wadi, Noon and Souq: let the e-commerce wars begin

When Wadi announced on Wednesday that it started its three-year anniversary March flash sale, Noon and Souq began their sales shortly afterward.

Prices are plummeting, but who is winning?

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Where to buy your next item

If you are looking to buy the iPhone X, you have a few options.

Souq is offering the iPhone X for $1,011, Noon for $1,048 and Wadi for $1,034.

However, if you are a Wadi loyal customer and frequent your purchases from them, you can benefit from the March sale and get a $136 cash-back on every purchase, lowering the price of the iPhone X to $897.

Looking to get some Cola?

Your only options are Souq and Noon each offering the same pricing.

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Who’s the best?

Although Souq is offering the iPhone at very competitive prices, reviews have not been favorable for the site. Reviewers on SiteJabber, a platform for consumers to find and review online businesses, have stated that there is no customer service and that items were not delivered on time.

Wadi, Reviewers on TrustPilot, another website for consumers to publish reviews for sites, said packages were not delivered on time, although the customer support was lax or not reliable with one reviewer having his package delayed because it had not left the warehouse. Although some reported the opposite of Wadi, people were delighted with their orders both arriving on time and being entirely intact.

Noon, on the other hand, has also had mixed reviews on REVIEWS, a website that also allows people to review sites, with customers saying that they received their packages earlier than expected. Others are receiving the wrong orders.