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Easy Taxi hosts more than 1,000 drivers in Egypt’s first drivers’ conference”

Easy Taxi held Egypt’s first taxi conference, bringing together a large number of white-taxi drivers. The conference was the formal introduction of Easy Taxi to 1,000 Easy Taxi- member and non-member drivers.

Bringing together the community is the first step to build a significant network. The newly-joined drivers got trained on the spot on how to become members of the network; the program’s benefits were provided as well to both members and non-members. The conference also included an enriching Question & Answer session where the drivers expressed their concerns and suggestions for enhancing the taxi-driving system in Egypt.

The technology boom globally and in Egypt is rapidly increasing, and therefore the internet and smart mobile phones have become essential factors in Egyptians’ daily lives. To meet this smart evolution, the systems provided by Easy Taxi are beneficial for both the user and the driver. As people request a taxi through the application, the personal details of the driver and of the car are automatically directed to the passenger. Since safety is essential for the passenger, it is also as crucial for the driver to be aware of who will be riding with them, which is also provided through the Easy Taxi system. Since the system is controlled by the area of the requested ride, the driver also benefits of being able to provide more rides instead of driving between cities, waiting for a random call for a cab in a street.

“This area-restricted system is also time efficient and organized for the driver’s personal and professional life,” explains Hussein Abdelkarim, founder and CEO of Easy Taxi Egypt.

As the driver becomes an Easy Taxi member, they are granted the benefits of being part of a multinational company such as getting more rides, having a better service and continuous benefit packages for the drivers.

“The Question & Answer session was extremely important to the Easy Taxi team, as knowing the driver’s perspective is of great input to maintain the system’s significance,” said Abdelkarim. Easy Taxi also shared their future plans with the drivers, keeping the system’s community up-to-date with their progress.

Easy Taxi has been operating globally for around three years in 33 countries and since 2013 in Egypt. This networked taxi system ensures the safety and productivity of Egyptian taxi drivers as they play a key role in the Egyptian public transportation system. With the importance of taxi drivers in Egypt and the rise of technology, Easy Taxi has also been flourishing in globally and locally.