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EDA sets benchmark with launch of its Post-Graduate Diploma Programme

Academic year starts with nine-month advanced programme designed to equip students with skills to enhance UAE’s foreign relations

The Emirates Diplomatic Academy (EDA) received the first batch of students for its Post-Graduate Diploma Programme in UAE Diplomacy and International Relations, a unique programme spread over nine months, which will equip the students with excellent understanding of all aspects of international relations and instill in them the confidence and ability to represent the UAE in international platforms.

With the start of the academic year, 59 students will join an orientation programme that will prepare them for the advanced academic course, designed to build enhance capabilities in UAE’s relations at the regional and international levels.

“The UAE recognises the growing importance of nurturing its diplomatic community. As such the EDA curriculum has been developed specifically for the country’s needs and is based on a range of global best practices.

Students have been selected based on international standards, giving them every opportunity to develop a broad range of skills in order to best represent the UAE on an international stage,” said Dr. Stephen L. Keck, Academic Director.

“Students will find that the EDA experience is multifaceted: as they acquire the critical professional skills necessary for the practice of diplomacy, they will also study academic courses and be encouraged to become active in research projects.”

Dr. Stephen L. Keck continued, “We anticipate that they will graduate not only with the skills to become successful diplomats, but also with the analytical tools, which should enable them to critically evaluate information and help formulate solutions to difficult regional and global challenges.”

During the academic year 2015-16, the students will study topics related to UAE Interest and National Security Policy as well as International Relations & Diplomacy. The programme will also cover Modern History & Contemporary Politics of the Middle East, International Law & International Organisations, as well as International Economics, Energy & Climate Change.

Courses in the programme also include UAE Government Excellence, International Conflict & Cooperation, Bilateral & Multilateral Negotiation, Protocol, Etiquette & Communication, and Country Analysis and Diplomatic Report Writing.

EDA’s unique approach combines academic teaching and executive education with research activities in the specific context of the UAE and the region. During the course of the programme, the students will be exposed to the best of ideas, studies and research in the field of international diplomacy.

As part of its efforts to become an integrated academic centre, the Academy offers through its Post-Graduate Diploma Programme an opportunity for the graduates to gain the skills and confidence required to effectively represent the UAE in the international arena.

The Academy also provides short-term training courses to meet the needs of current employees in the fields of foreign policy and diplomacy in the UAE. Participants in the Executive Education courses will be taken through a collaborative environment that fosters innovation, intellectual curiosity and networking.

In the area of research and analysis, the Academy will conduct in-depth studies on the region and the UAE to build a knowledge base in the field of international relations and diplomacy, which will support the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and decision-makers in the UAE.