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Effective visual merchandising: Demand for Samsung professional displays growing

Retailers in the UAE are increasingly using digital solutions to engage with customers in the retail space. Many shop owners are making the shift from static, backlit displays to digital signage as a cost-cutting move, but the trend also signals a rising concern about the customer experience. In addition to being a turnkey solution that is easily installed and altered, digital signage can create a memorable and engaging customer experience, enhancing the visual appearance of a store and encouraging customer engagement with attention-grabbing content.

As retailers have adopted and adapted, recent figures published by IDC show that Samsung is leading the way in the professional display category achieving a 38.8 percent market share in the UAE in as of Q2 2014. The top performing products in the brand’s professional display portfolio include the Samsung ME Series and the Samsung DBD series, which offer cost effective and impactful display solutions for retailers.

Providing an immersive shopping experience has become a priority for retailers with professional displays increasingly being adopted as a solution to appeal to digitally-savvy consumers. With recent figures predicting a growth of 33% in the UAE retail industry in 20151 and a rise in purchasing power2, the need for brands to provide cutting edge customer experiences in their stores has never been more apparent.

Key factors that have influenced the growth in popularity of Samsung’s professional display products in retail include:

• Cost Effectiveness – Samsung DBD Series displays offer an economical solution and flexibility which enables businesses to choose the optimal professional display for their retail environment, therefore maximizing their investment

• Sleek Industrial Design – Samsung’s latest professional display products feature a thinner bezel, which has been reduced by 44% offering a more visually appealing design, which can fit into any environment and make the best use of available space. The thinner bezel also means that these screens can be used as both single and video wall configurations depending on the requirements of the retailer

• Easy contents management solution – with a convenient Wi-Fi dongle option, users can control the professional display and wirelessly distribute content to it using mobile devices which offers a quicker, more effective solution than using a PC and enables stores to keep their visual content fresh and dynamic

• Enhanced performance – the upgraded performance of the latest professional displays from Samsung enables integration for more convenient capabilities

• Touch Screen Capabilities – Enhances the effectiveness of information by delivering interactive content on a touchscreen which provides a more exciting experience for the customer and brings the product to life

The professional display category is changing the way customers experience the retail environment and allow brands to tailor their content and modernize the retail space. With the eyes on the Middle East as a global retail hub, merchandizers must adopt world-leading technology in-store to provide a premium shopping experience.