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eGovernment Authority discusses plans toward women’s advancement

As part of its keenness to create an array of opportunities for women at social and professional levels, the eGovernment Authority (eGA) held a meeting chaired by Dr. Zakareya Ahmed Al-Khaja, Vice CEO for eGovernment Authority, Chairman of Equal Opportunities Committee to discuss plans and programs aimed at advancing the role of women along with profiling the national plan developed by Supreme Council for Women (SCW) to incorporate into the eGovernment’s program for the next period.

This meeting was held after the formation of Equal Opportunities Committee made in conjunction with the Supreme Council for Women (SCW) with a core focus on enhancing and strengthening women’s role and integrating her needs in the services delivered, together with achieving equal opportunities with female employees and beneficiaries from the eGovernment program.

In this regard, Dr. Al-Khaja highlighted the importance of the committee’s role to keep on providing support for the advancement of women into all spheres of life by providing them with opportunities, access to experience, competition and taking up various leadership positions as part of eGovernment’s steadfast belief in empowering women at both professional and social levels.

Dr. Al-Khaja also added that the Equal Opportunities Committee in the coming period, will develop standards, criteria and actions plan to put in place principles of equal opportunities in various areas, follow-up implementation, carry out awareness campaigns, organize workshops or tailor-made courses in the same context, together with the follow-up of the impact of these activities, and provision of consultancy services pertaining to the relevant issues, in coordination with the competent authorities .

It would be noted that the Equal Opportunities Committee set up by the eGovernment Authority and is composed of the following members: Fahad Isa AlQadhi Director of Human and Financial Resources, Ahmed Mohammed Buhazza Director of eServices and Channel Enhancement, Dr. Khalid Al Mutawah Director of Enterprise Architecture & Information Technology, Mr. Nezar Maroof Omar Director of Strategy and eBusiness Process Reengineering, Mrs. Heyam Ibrahim Hazeem, Senior Program Manager, Ms. Lulwa Sami Ibrahim Assistant Director of Awareness and Marketing, Mr. Salman Yusuf Al-Salman, Head of Quality Assurance as secretary of the Committee