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Egypt, France trade exchange expected to increase 20 per cent

Trade exchange between the two countries amounted to €2.6bn in 2014

The trade exchange between Egypt and France is expected to increase by almost 20 per cent by the end of 2015 compared with last year, according to French Ambassador in Cairo, Andre Baran.

Days ago, Egypt’s minister of commerce and industry, Tariq Qabil, said that France is an important strategic and economic partner for Egypt, reports Egypt-based Almal News.

Qabil added that the joint economic and trade relations between the two countries are witnessing a large and sophisticated growth, which made France the sixth-largest trade partner of Egypt, with trade exchange amounting to €2.6bn in 2014.

The French ambassador said that French exports to Egypt recorded €1.6bn in 2015/2014, while Egyptian exports amounted to one €1bn.

The French Embassy in Cairo has organised a conference call for Egyptian companies to attend the SIAL exhibition, which specialises in food and agricultural products and to make a presentation on the upcoming session of the exhibition, which is the first-world leader in the field of food innovations.

(€1 = AED4.02, at the time of publishing)