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Egypt’s property market expected to grow by 30 per cent

Real estate market on track for renaissance over next decade, expected to grow by more than 30 per cent

Maged Abdel Fadil, head of Thimar Real Estate, called for maintaining and supporting the new roads system in Egypt, reports Egypt-based Albawabh News.

Abdel Fadil says: “It is important to support the government to speed up the completion of the national project, as it is considered the most prominent gain of the real estate market during the coming period.”

He adds: “Development cannot be achieved without roads and each kilometre of new roads opens the door to new horizons…and opens the door for the development and support of Egypt’s real estate market.”

He explains that the roads and bridges projects cannot be separated from real estate development because it does not make sense to build residential and tourist cities without roads.

He also stresses the need for businessmen to support the state in the new road projects, which will make Egypt a small village and open prospects for development in the country.

He adds that the Egyptian real estate market is on track for a great renaissance over the next ten years, expecting the market to grow by more than 30 per cent compared with previous years.