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El Mercado Janabiya signs lease with McDonald’s

El Mercado's location and open-air design set it apart from all the other retail centres in the Kingdom

McDonald’s Bahrain announced the signing of their lease to open their latest drive-thru location within El Mercado Janabiya, the impressive new neighbourhood market created by First Bahrain Real Estate Development Co. The new McDonald’s branch will be their 20th branch in the Kingdom.

It will also be the only drive-thru restaurant on the ground floor of the open-air retail centre which will also feature a mix of restaurants, cafes and shops on a beautifully landscaped elevated platform, offering scenic southern views in a vehicle-free pedestrian environment.

The retail centre, at the corners of Avenues 27 and 79 and visible from the highway, offers quick and easy access to both neighbourhood residents returning from Manama and morning commuters headed to Saudi Arabia, further supported by 160 covered car parks, is expected to open to the public in Spring 2016.

“El Mercado – Janabiya was the obvious choice when we were looking into opening a new branch in the Northern Governorate. El Mercado’s location and open-air design set it apart from all the other retail centres in the Kingdom,” stated Abdulla Adel Fakhro, Director of Fakhro Restaurants.

“With its close proximity to and visibility from the Sh. Isa Bin Salman Highway, it proves to be the new go-to destination,” he added.

Commenting on the signing, Amin Al Arrayed, CEO of First Bahrain stated, “We are very proud to welcome McDonald’s to El Mercado. To have such an established global brand choose us as their new home is further testament of our successful positioning of our neighbourhood market as the destination of choice in the Northern Governorate.”