Complex Made Simple

New election platforms 2019-2020 need to mobilize what hidden treasures?

Author: Naseem Javed, Chairman, Expothon Worldwide, the developers of National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism Protocols now gaining global attention

The top agenda item for the 100 plus national elections taking place around the world during 2019-2020 is ‘economy, economy, economy’ simply put without these discussions, after all, there is very little that the national populace is willing to listen. Out there, it’s either make sense, get votes or get lost. Simple.

Screaming about complexities of the economy is an old dumb idea for the podium; but speaking of jobs and how to secure them with creative solutions is where the smart and internet connected audience will listen. The ‘Teleprompter Intelligence’ is now challenged and being replaced with very deep understanding of the real transformational issues. What created economic mess will not be fixed by band-aids to the old system. Metamorphosis is called upon; unlearn to relearn and find a pragmatic solution, building talent-development, are now far more important over building massive infrastructures. As the rest sounds fake news or fake agenda.

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National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism; the big picture, firstly, a brand-new world is wide open: unlimited global markets can absorb unlimited innovative ideas and goods and services. Founders with entrepreneurial talent and energy are anxious to move towards global age expansion. Well-designed, innovative ideas and global age skills can quadruple enterprise performance. Global-age thinking and execution styles are the most seriously missing links.

The biggest national hidden treasure of a country is its hidden entrepreneurial talent which is massively un-tapped, un-discovered, and un-commercialized but ready for mobilization. Entrepreneurs are far less worried about paying their taxes but far more about massive growth, global age performance, and market expansion issues.

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Entrepreneurialism is a natural gift readily available to every child, but our early upbringing and risk-averse parents and teachers snatch that talent away. Re-kindling entrepreneurialism is only a small ignite away.  It does require two fundamental things; firstly, training by real global age entrepreneurs and secondly, training on hardcore entrepreneurial issues, tactical battlefield formations and global age modeling, something beyond the scope of the academic curricula.

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Many nations around the world have tried very hard to create entrepreneurialism and failed because they relied on classical classroom models that did not work. However, these same nations were able to create well-trained armies and high-ranking officers because they were trained in tactical battlefield engagements and by veterans from the real battlefields. Soldiers do not draw pictures of battlefields and run around with water pistols. They live it. Study of blueprints on national mobilization of entrepreneurialism may help reignite grassroots prosperity and uplift the nation.

The time to change has already passed, the time to mobilize and revolutionize has started.  Around the world going to polls are Australia, Argentina, Canada, Oman, South Africa, Congo, Nigeria, later the United States and many dozens more, and mobilization of entrepreneurialism is a safe and bold strategy. Just like the successful training of armies or world-class athletic teams, anywhere around the world. The challenge is if the national leadership is willing to openly declare a ‘national entrepreneurial manifesto’ and bring about a respectable platform for young and old big and small entrepreneurs to skate around the globe and be looked at as upcoming leaders. Pragmatic job creation solutions, realistic goals to create local grassroots prosperity is what the world needs.