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Elia Nuqul Foundation & Better Business launch Leadership Training – Qader

Elia Nuqul Foundation (ENF) has recently announced the signing of a new agreement with Better Business-an organization specializing in offering training programs for career development-to deliver its Qader Leadership training to ENF fellows/graduates. The course spanned over three days and offered ENF graduates the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills.

The Qader program, organized for the first time by ENF, consisted of both theoretical and practical approaches to ensure ENF fellows smooth transition into the work force. It also aimed to enhance their ability to face the many economic challenges of today, giving attention to their personal development.

The Qader program was designed and implemented by Dr. Suhail Jouaneh, Co-founder and Chief Learning Officer at Better Business, and provided intensive training to fellows through modern and interactive teaching methods. The training program focused on developing their leadership skills by boosting self-confidence and encouraging their strong performance as well as helping them effectively express themselves and contribute positively to their society.

The program included motivational sessions delivered by prominent businessmen and experts including Ghassan Nuqul, Vice Chairperson of the Elia Nuqul Foundation; Nicola Billeh, Human Resources Director at Nuqul Group; Lena Khader, Soft Skills Trainer at Better Business and Maher Kaddoura, Owner of Al Jude.

Mr. Nuqul stressed the importance of facilitating career development opportunities to prepare graduates to enter today’s workforce saying: “Here at ENF, we are continuously working to develop comprehensive coursework and training programs for students in order to prepare them to overcome today’s many challenges. Our training programs aim to enhance individuals’ performance by strengthening their skills and abilities to ensure their competence amid economic difficulties.”

Dr. Jouaneh commented on Better Business’ partnership with ENF saying: “We maintain strong efforts to develop comprehensive training programs that effectively meet the needs of all individuals. Our partnership with ENF aims to provide graduates with the necessary means to develop their skills and guarantee their successful integration in today’s labor market.”