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Elia Nuqul Foundation, RCA CAPITAL sign MoU in Jordan

Elia Nuqul Foundation continues to make dedicated efforts to launch capacity-building programs

In line with its commitment to empower youth and develop leading capacity-building programs, the Elia Nuqul Foundation (ENF) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Rotary Club of Amman CAPITAL (RCA CAPITAL) to directly benefit Rotary-ENF scholars.

The MoU, signed on the 3rd of May at the King Hussein Club, stipulates RCA CAPITAL’s partial sponsorship of the program entitled ‘RCA CAPITAL-ENF Leadership Program (RCA CAPITAL-ENF LP)’, seeking to promote scholars’ professional and personal growth as well as strengthening their leadership skills to ensure that they become productive members of society.

Ghassan Nuqul, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees at the Elia Nuqul Foundation, commented on the partnership saying: “We are thoroughly delighted to partner with Rotary Club of Amman CAPITAL (RCA CAPITAL) as our joint program will significantly enhance young scholars’ capabilities as they strive to succeed at the highest level. Additionally, this agreement further helps us explore new possibilities of expanding our cooperation with RCA CAPITAL.”

Marwan Hayek, President of the Rotary Club of Amman CAPITAL also commented saying: “When you think about Rotary and what we can do to help the community, this Leadership Program in partnership with ENF is one of the best opportunities to do so. Our young are our future, so if we can help them to be better leaders, better planners and better citizens and improve their employability in the work place, we all will be better off.”

“One of the main issues in Jordan is the increasing number of unemployed young people. Every effort needs to be made to prepare our youth for the market place. We are very happy at the Rotary Club of Amman CAPITAL to partner with ENF and help in a small way,” he added.

It is worth mentioning that the Elia Nuqul Foundation continues to make dedicated efforts to launch capacity-building programs that aim to facilitate new opportunities for scholars as well as promote entrepreneurism in Jordan.

Similarly, RCA CAPITAL is committed to serve the local community in the six areas of focus of Rotary: 1-Promoting Peace, 2-Fighting Disease, 3-Providing Clean Water, 4-Saving Mothers & Children, 5-Supporting Education, 7-Growing Local Economies.

With a reduction of 99 per cent in polio cases around the world since 1985, working with its partners, Rotary remains committed to the full eradication of this terrible human disease.