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ELM launches reading initiative for its employees valued over quarter million riyals

Coinciding with Riyadh Book Fair 2014, which was recently concluded at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Elm – a leader in innovative electronic solutions and government Support – launched an internal initiative to promote a culture of knowledge and information seeking, through the financial support of more than SAR 250,000 for the staff against purchasing and acquisition of books such that each employee gets what’s worth SR200.

Elm seeks through this initiative dedicated to the acquisition of books and scientific references of different kinds and specialties, to spread the culture of knowledge and information seeking curiosity among employees, especially since the company attaches great importance to raise the efficiency and development of staff, and motivate them to obtain the highest scientific degrees, within the best work environment that gives the employees an opportunity to innovate, and thus contribute to the provision of a better world.

Elm further capitalizes on the importance of its annual programs aimed at encouraging knowledge and reading curiosity among its employees. Company’s programs are translated in its support for their purchases of books and scientific references that develop their knowledge and expands their perceptions of creativity, stressing that the core of the company’s e-government services are based on innovation and creativity, which is one of the most important values that the company strives to spread among its employees, in a move to provide quality services that suit the company’s high technology solutions.

Elm also strives to organize various programs for its employees and their families, which tap into major social, health, religious, and others life issues, In a move to secure an ideal working environment that assist employees to innovate and create leading quality services that contribute to the re-engineering and simplification of the governmental processes.

Elm is a leading provider of secure electronic services, information technology services, projects’ support and governmental support services in Saudi Arabia. Elm strives to build the largest e-business system, thus contributing to the country’s trend towards building an integrated e-government. The company provides distinctive innovative services that are developed to match requirements of the segments of the local society in both public and private sectors, aiming at enhancing work performance levels among the beneficiaries. “Elm” services are well known by their ease of use, and time, money and efforts efficiency.

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