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Bloomberg publishes 2018 EMEA Capital Markets League tables

Bloomberg has published its EMEA Capital Markets Tables, representing the top arrangers, bookrunners and advisors across various deals including syndicated loans, bonds, equity and M&A transactions in 2018.

Key highlights for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region for include:

-In syndicated loans, total MENA borrower loans increased by 52.8% to $127.2 billion compared to 2017. This is the highest amount on record, surpassing the previous high set in 2007. First Abu Dhabi Bank ranked as the top MENA borrower loans bookrunner for FY 2018 with 8.85% of credited market share.

HSBC and Standard Chartered ranked second and third with 7.16% and 6.91% of credited market share, respectively. Saudi Arabian-based borrowers lead the rankings with 35.54% market share, followed by U.A.E. and Oman-based borrowers with 27.61% and 9.9% respectively.

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-In bonds and sukuk, total MENA credited volume decreased by 12.8% to $86.5 billion, compared to 2017. This is the second highest amount on record, with the highest recorded in 2017. Standard Chartered Bank ranked as the top MENA bonds and sukuk underwriter for FY 2018 with a market share of 16.46%.

HSBC and Citi ranked second and third, respectively, with a market share of 9.84% and 8.27%.

U.A.E.-based issuers led with 25.34% market share, followed by Qatar and Saudi Arabia-based issuers with 23.35% and 19.87%, respectively.

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-Global Islamic financing increased by 14.6% to $32.95 billion compared to 2017.  Dubai Islamic Bank is the top bookrunner with 9.55% of credited market share. International sukuk credited volumes decreased by 14.2% to $25.06 billion compared to 2017.

HSBC held the top underwriter spot with 13.54% of market share.

Bloomberg’s league tables are a one-stop shop for constant and timely access to the most comprehensive information available on capital markets representation. Bloomberg Terminal clients can access the full range of league tables at LEAG <GO>.

The full EMEA Capital Markets League Tables can be found here.

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