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Emirates Diplomatic Academy holds two-day course

Emirates Diplomatic Academy highlights research and analysis as focal area in achieving success in international relations

Emirates Diplomatic Academy (EDA), the leading integrated foreign policy, academic and research centre in the region, organised a two-day course aimed at improving the research and analysis skills of professionals in the international diplomacy arena and enabling them to apply them effectively in their career.

Led by Dr. Muin Khoury from the International Institute for Consulting and Training (IICT), the course on Research and Analysis, organised on December 6 and 7, 2015, highlighted the relevance of data in analysing a country or policy issue, particularly focusing on ways to find and interpret the right data. Dr. Khoury, a former director of the Foreign Press Department of the Office and Research & Opinion Polling Department of the Office of King Abdullah II of Jordan, offered insights based on his expertise with over 30 years in leadership positions in Middle Eastern politics, socio-political research and communications.

Commenting on the occasion, Mariam Al Mahmoud, Director of Executive Education and spokesperson at EDA, said: “Emirates Diplomatic Academy offers distinguished platforms for foreign affairs and diplomacy related discussions through events that bring together leading local, regional and international scholars and practitioners. The comprehensive sessions organised as part of the Research and Analysis course offered an opportunity to examine potential ways of improving UAE’s bilateral relations with other countries, and highlighted the major role of the Academy as a key pillar in developing the country’s future diplomatic corps and foreign policy thought leadership.”

The first session of the course on December 6 offered insights on the importance of research in the political and public domain, and described the various types of research and methodologies, especially research in communications. The second session focused on sources of knowledge and information and the importance of political and economic data. The session also gave expert perspective on country reports for policy briefings based on available resources.

Day one of the training course concluded with a session on ‘Useful Indices’ which examined prominent indices of entities such as United Nations, World Economic Forum, Amnesty, Human Rights Watch, and Freedom House and those related to topics such as Prosperity; Press Freedoms; and Corruption.

On the second day, the training course offered an overview of UAE country perceptions, examining media clippings and reports as well as Arab and international country scoring. A country perceptions survey was the highlight of one of the sessions while another session drew attention to failed states and other country descriptions.

As an integrated centre for diplomatic training, the Academy offers Post-Graduate Diploma Programme for the graduates to gain the skills and confidence required to effectively represent the UAE in the international arena. It also provides short-term Executive Education courses training courses targeted at current employees in the fields of foreign policy and diplomacy in the UAE. In the area of research and analysis, the Academy conducts in-depth studies on the region and the UAE to build a knowledge base in the field of international relations and diplomacy.