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Emirates Environmental Group participates in Clean Up UAE 2015

Launching on the 5th of December and calling for more participation.

Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) has renewed its invitation to various institutions and private and governmental entities to participate in the 14th edition of the most popular community environment campaign, “Clean Up UAE 2015” which will start on the 5th of December in Dubai and last for 10 days all over the Emirates, ending in Dibba Al-Hisn.

Mrs. Habiba Al Marashi, chairperson of EEG, announced that the organization had received 102,054 participation requests from different groups and sectors of society, although the expected participation number is 125,000 volunteers for the campaign.
She said that the large turnout for registration to participate in the campaign is the biggest proof of its popularity amongst environmentalists who participate each year to keep the Emirates’ environment clean and sustainable for generations to come.
She added that this campaign with the slogan “Clean Up, A leap forward for a better future” aims to promote awareness of the importance of the environment’s protection and preservation, especially in the U.A.E., through grassroots efforts and raising awareness in the community.

Mrs. Habiba Al Marashi explained that the campaign comes as part of the 44th National Day celebrations; the first event will be held on the 5th of December in Dubai, the 7th in Sharjah, the 8th in Ajman, the 9th in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain city, the 10th in Ras Al Khaimah, the 12th in Umm Al quwain, the 13th in Fujairah, and ends on the 16th in Dibba Al Hisn. Keeping with the traditions of the annual campaign, EEG is going to plant indigenous trees on the 15th of December during a special celebration event in the Emirate of Fujairah.

She emphasized that “Clean up UAE” campaign is the most popular national environmental program which aims to protect the local environment, and was initiated in 2002 starting with the participation of 4 Emirates only. The participation base has expanded to include a large number of public and private institutions. In 2005, all the Emirates were included under the umbrella of this initiative.

She added that this campaign, year after another, has shown a wider participation of different groups and sectors. Each year, the participants were asked to clean the selected sites in all the Emirates as a symbolic gesture to show affection and a sense of responsibility towards the environment. Furthermore, this campaign has environmental significance and profound action which lies in tree planting by the volunteers and participants after achieving the targets in waste management programmes.
Mrs. Habiba announced:” the current session of the campaign is designed to emphasize on the importance of collective action to make the world a cleaner place, as well as to highlight the responsibilities and procedures to be followed by” individual actions “.

She recalled that the last session of the campaign was a great success as efforts of more than 123 thousand participants and 94 tonnes of waste collection were recorded. This year’s campaign aims to expand the community participation and leaders in collecting and disposing greater amounts of waste, to give UAE residents the opportunity to have a positive change in their communities, as well as to build community spirit and motivate young people to become future environmental leaders.
Mrs. Habiba stated that cleaning activities in each Emirate will focus on specific areas which require more attention to fix, especially on the beaches and desert areas. Waste management is on the right track and will become more effective by supporting public and private academic institutions, families, with reference to instill awareness and application of sustainable habits. It doesn’t need any challenging requirement, is applicable to all ages and plays a key role in uniting all stakeholders and civil society.

Finally, Mrs. Habiba thanked the patrons and supporters of the campaign “Abu Dhabi Municipality, Emirates Heritage Club, Al Ain City municipality, Municipalities of the Western Region, Sharjah municipality, Environment and Protected Areas Authority, Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services, Dibba Al Hisn Municipality, Fujairah Natural Resources Corporation, Municipality and Planning Department –Ajman and the Ras Al Khaimah Public Works & Services Department. She also thanked the main sponsors of the campaign Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), Emirates NBD; Co-sponsor – McDonalds and support sponsor – Diamond Developers. In the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, BP Middle East have come on board as a support sponsor. It is also commendable that Emirates Gas have sponsored 2 (two) schools for their participation in the Emirate of Dubai. EEG would also highlight the large number of participants joining hands from ICAD City to conduct the clean up in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. EEG is encouraging companies to participate in large numbers within their own facilities to inculcate the culture of sustainability in their respective organizations.