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Emirates Foundation holds its first “Ramadan Youth Majlis” with attendance of representatives from the National Service and Reserve Staff Authority

The Emirates Foundation recently held its first “Ramadan Youth Majlis” at the Fairmont Bab Al Bahr Hotel in Abu Dhabi. The gathering that saw the participation of senior officials from the UAE Armed Forces GHQ’s National Service and Reserve Staff Authority, offered the youth a platform to interact and network with a group of leading social and public figures in the UAE.

During the first Majlis, the Foundation hosted an interactive session by Colonel Mohammed Abdullah Al Mulla, lecturer in the National Service and Reserve Staff Authority, and Mohammed Rashed Al Shehhi, Legal Advisor at the National Service and Reserve Staff Authority where they addressed various aspects relating to National and Reserve Service and ways of developing and empowering Emirati youth.

The Ramadan gathering was held in the presence of more than 150 young Emiratis from the participants of various Emirates Foundation’s programmes and it included interactive discussions regarding the procedures of registering and joining the National and Reserve Service and its long term national objectives.

Ramadan Majlis is one of the Emirates Foundation’s initiatives that is organized all over the year and frequently during the holy month of Ramadan to offer young people the opportunity to interact and connect in an inspiring environment with key dignitaries who have excelled in many fields. The Ramadan Youth Majlis initiative seeks to inspire young people and motivate them, and promote a sense of belonging and patriotism.

During the Majlis Colonel Mohammed Abdullah Al Mulla, lecturer in the National Service and Reserve Staff Authority, and Mohammed Rashed Al Shehhi, the Authority’s Legal Advisor, presented an interactive session that touched upon all the major legal aspects relating to the National and Reserve Service Act. The session explained in detail the national, security, social, and economic objectives of the national service project as well as the messages it seeks to establish, and discussed the global best practices. The session also highlighted the conditions of acceptance to the national service and its duration.

Colonel Mohammed Abdullah Al Mulla stressed that the National Service Act came in to reinforce the values of loyalty, sacrifice, and a sense of belonging in young people towards their country and the wise leadership, and consequently to inspire positive action and behavior in them. The national and security training the young recruits will receive will contribute to the promotion of these values and inspire a sense of patriotism and giving back to one’s country.

“The Ramadan Youth Majlis aims to encourage young Emiratis and motivate them by providing the opportunity to benefit from the expertise and wisdom of key figures of the community and good citizenship role models who have made positive contributions to serve the UAE community. This will enhance the experience of young people involved in the Foundation’s various programs and inspire them to actively participate in building the future of this nation,” commented Maytha Al Habsi, Chief Programmes Officer, Emirates Foundation.

“This program provides our Emirati youth an opportunity to interact and engage with leading influencers in our community who have contributed substantially to their business and at the same time are dedicated to public service. These individuals serve as an inspiration and are able to motivate our youth by sharing examples from their life.” she added.

The Emirates Foundation recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the National Service and Reserve Staff Authority to work closely towards youth development and encouraging them to join the national service thus reinforcing a culture patriotism and strengthening sense of belonging. This agreement came in line with the Foundation’s on-going efforts to promote a culture of social responsibility and in line with its commitment to develop the Emirati individual.

According to the MoU, the Foundation will work in cooperation with the National Service and Reserve Staff Authority to utilize its various programs and initiatives such as Sanid Program in order to contribute in achieving the objectives of this leading national project and spread awareness on the concept of national service through forums and workshops that bring together National Service members and representatives of the Emirates Foundation.