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Emirates Red Crescent, Tamani organise special day for orphaned children

More than 40 children took part in activities assigned to them within the hotel’s facilities

Emirates Red Crescent and Tamani Organized a special day for orphaned children offering them support and care entering joy to their hearts.

Tamani hosted orphaned children of various ages in a day presenting entertainment program including several events and activities for children; games, swimming and cinema.

Walid Al-Awa, General Manager, Tamani Valued the great efforts of the Emirates Red Crescent and its team who handled the responsibility of taking care of this important category, which is a key part of community referring to their prominent role in various humanitarian and social issues.

Al-Awa Reinforced community’s role in taking care of orphan children whom he considered social responsibility which should be shared by various official and private agencies calling on all individuals, institutions and private parties to commit to their obligation in granting care and attention to who lost the most precious person in the life of children by drawing smile on their small faces.

Awa expressed that organizing this day of entertainment for orphans comes in context of Tamani’s faith in its responsibility to support to different charitable initiatives and projects, conveying hotel’s team gladness in sharing orphans joy in their special day.

General Manager of Tamani called for concerted efforts to integrate all orphans in all institutions and programs of civil society and work with one hand towards providing opportunities for a better life.

Al-Awa noted” that “Social responsibility is an ongoing process with the aim of achieving its full objectives and become a part of business plans in companies and institutions to be more efficient in its participation as institutions and individuals both in charitable and voluntary initiatives, emphasizing Tamani’s keen on consolidating communication and collaboration with different bodies and charities.”

More than 40 children took part in activities assigned to them within the hotel’s facilities, their day commenced at health club and swimming pool, and after lunch at the hotel restaurant, they watched a movie dedicated to children in one of the halls, while the rest of their day filled with various entertainment activities and shows.

Fatima Ali Al Mulla, orphans in charge and senior administrator of local orphans in Emirates Red Crescent, Said: “We Always emphasis on the involvement of civil society and enterprises to act together and contribute to alleviate the suffering of children inside the country or abroad, especially sponsoring an orphan programs, also We are pleased to cooperate with Tamani who hosted orphans in a pleasant and a significant day which serves a model of community partnership between Emirates Red Crescent and economic enterprises, and solidarity, which is characterized by the Emirates community where charity love rooted in its traditions and customs.”

Children were pleased with this very special day that will stay in their memories as they enjoyed various entertainment activities and events.

Tamani constantly works on organizing special activities for children all year round, particularly with, orphans, the disabled and those with special needs, as well as take part in a lot of local initiatives in education, environment and health.