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Ericsson named second best place to work for in Saudi Arabia

Ericsson named second company to work for on the list of the kingdom’s best places to work

Ericsson was ranked second best company to work for in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia for 2015 by ‘Great Place to Work’ Institute, a global research and management consultancy, following a survey covering companies across industries in the kingdom.

“At Ericsson, we believe in people as a priority. We always strive to provide the best professional environment that will allow our employees to flourish and we are extremely proud to receive the title of one of the best places to work for in KSA as a result.” says Ali Eid, President and Head of Ericsson in Saudi Arabia.

The selection process saw, the Great Place to Work Institute conduct an evaluation of each participating company, with two-thirds of the company’s score based on a survey sent to the employees in each company. The survey asks questions related to employees’ attitudes about the management’s credibility, employee engagement and job satisfaction, and is kept anonymous in order to ensure that employees aren’t pressured to provide positive responses. The remaining third of the scoring is based on a second survey that is designed to assess each company’s pay benefits program, hiring processes, internal communications and development.