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Etihad Modern Art Gallery proud to present group exhibition of works by students

In this exhibition Etihad Modern Art Gallery will be celebrating a new generation of young artists schooled in Abu Dhabi.

Etihad Modern Art Gallery is proud to present a group exhibition of works by students from Abu Dhabi’s leading secondary and international schools, opening on the 7th of May and on show until the 28th of May.

In this exhibition Etihad Modern Art Gallery will be celebrating a new generation of young artists schooled in Abu Dhabi. Five Secondary schools will be exhibiting works of their art students in the form of projects assigned to them for their schools’ end of year term.

Al Bateen Secondary School students have created their own unique inter-cultural connection between global practices, international artists, and local traditions. They have developed their critical thinking skills by using the theme of ‘portraits’, all the while honing their creative potential.

In a similar spirit, in this exhibition the International School of Choueifat students explore the bodily experience of breathing to promote the benefits of creative work with a global outlook. These students also have the opportunity to display their work in 15 countries and across four continents, at other schools in the SABIS system.

Students at the German International School Abu Dhabi interpret the universal and broad theme of ‘Fantasy’. Having been given the ability to create works across a variety of media as diverse as oil painting and ceramics, the pieces will follow a narrative, each telling a different part of the story.

Meanwhile, the British School Al Khubairat are showcasing works by students from the previous year that have already been graded. The students developed their own unit of work based on their own ideas, creativity and experiences. The pieces shown are a result of an eight-hour timed examination period following the theme of the elements- earth, fire, air, and water.

On the other hand, the American Community School of Abu Dhabi allowed their students complete freedom. The result has seen students use range of artistic themes and techniques, from calligraphy and cartography, to figurative studies and still-lifes, ACS students reflect a motif traced by this exhibition; the existence of an alternative reality beneath the surface of the work of art that can be revealed by unmasking the very processes at the heart of the creative act.

As part of Etihad Modern Art Gallery’s initiative to encourage artists to contribute to the cultural movement in the UAE, one of its partners, The Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest will be evaluating the students’ artworks two weeks after the opening of the exhibition to provide artwork certification. National Corporation for Tourism & Hotels (NTC&H) will award prizes to the students whose artworks will be certified and will seek opportunities to display the certified artworks in various hotels in the emirate.

H.E. Khaled Siddiq Al Mutawaa, Founder of Etihad Modern Art Gallery, says, “As expected leaders of the future, it is necessary for young people of today to be able to train their minds to function in a more abstract and creative way. The ability to think globally and think about audiences and markets outside, as well as locally, is an essential tool for success. We are eager to hold this exhibition annually from now and look forward to the next year ahead.”

National Corporation for Tourism & Hotels is the event’s official sponsor.