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Etisalat expands its sponsorship of Sharjah International Book Fair

The Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF) has announced that Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (Etisalat) will be once again be sponsoring the fair. This marks the sixth consecutive year of Etisalat’s involvement as a sponsor of the prestigious book fair, which this year will be presenting its 33rd edition from 5-15 November at Expo Centre Sharjah.

Ahmed Bin Rakkad Al Ameri, SIBF Director, commended the successful partnership with Etisalat over the last six years, saying: “It has played a major role in the development and progression of SIBF. Receiving such a support from a major national corporation sets a good example for the required relationship between national companies and organisations in the UAE, so as to work together to maintain national achievements, while contributing to promoting culture among community members, and strengthening the significance of books, which remain the most important source of knowledge over time.”

Al Ameri said Etisalat’s sponsorship of SIBF’s current edition is characterised by its presence in all events and programmes organised by the Sharjah book fair after it expanded its official sponsorship of this year’s edition to include all activities and events, emphasising the growing prospects of the SIBF-Etisalat partnership.

The SIBF director went on to say, “SIBF’s success in expanding its partnerships signifies that the culture still has large audiences who believe in its power and influence and that these audiences are enthusiastic to provide support to all culture-related events, to preserve culture and contribute to its development in order to ensure that it is present and influential in all walks of life.”

Abdul Aziz Taryam, CEO Advisor and General Manager Northern-Emirates of Etisalat, said: “Our sponsorship of the Sharjah International Book Fair for the sixth consecutive year comes within the framework of our ongoing partnership with national organisations that contribute effectively to promoting development in the UAE, and is in line with our commitment to social responsibility – to be part of everything that improves our community and preserve our nation’s progress and leading position at all levels. We see SIBF as one of the greatest cultural events that draw public interaction, and hence we hope that our sponsorship of the book event is the optimal means to preserve the role SIBF plays in disseminating culture and encouraging communication between different nationalities.”

Taryam noted that the Sharjah Book Fair has successfully managed to maintain the special stature of the book as a resource of knowledge for successive generations and also consolidated Sharjah’s position on the agenda of the most successful cultural events in the region and the world.

“Etisalat is proud to be a partner in the success of the Sharjah Book Fair, which has become one of the most important and one of the four biggest book fairs, and this is why we are looking to maintain and develop this partnership in the coming years,” he added.

Etisalat’s sponsorship of the Sharjah International Book Fair started in 2009, when it became the official sponsor of SIBF, in line with its commitment to supporting major cultural events and initiatives that would contribute to effectively boosting the UAE’s cultural status at both the regional and global levels.

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