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Eton Institute launches ‘Donate with a Tweet and a Share’ to help fight poverty

As part of its ‘Summer for Change’ charitable initiative, Eton Institute has launched a special campaign on its social media platforms during Ramadan, the month of giving.

For every retweet on Twitter and every share on Facebook, in relation to CARE International, Eton Institute will donate AED 1 on behalf of its followers.

CARE International is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty and social injustice, by empowering women and girls worldwide. In 2013, CARE worked in 87 countries around the world, supporting 927 poverty-fighting development and humanitarian aid projects to reach more than 97 million people. They could only achieve these results through the generous efforts and donations of hundreds of thousands of donors all around the world.

“Most messages and posts on Twitter and Facebook inform or entertain, but we at Eton Institute want to use these powerful platforms to help raise awareness and funds for a noble cause. With the development of technology and an increasing number of platforms at our disposal, we wanted to reach as many people as possible, to continue the chain of change,” commented Moaz Khan, Digital Marketing Director at Eton Institute.

“With over 30,000 followers across our social media platforms, we hope to raise a substantial amount of funds for CARE,” he added.

For additional information please contact:
Sakina Amerjee
Public Relations Executive
Eton Institute
Tel: +97144386830
Email: [email protected]