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Eton Institute looks for new opportunities to promote Spanish language in UAE

Eton Institute, the UAE’s largest language and professional development training provider, was proud to welcome Ms. Marta Luz González, Consul of the Argentinian Embassy in the UAE, who has visited Eton Institute with the aim of understanding the learning methodology of the Spanish language and to discuss the cooperation between both entities to promote the Spanish language and culture throughout the Emirates. With this goal, several possible actions were discussed such as the possible participation of the Embassy in Eton Institute’s events, such as cultural evenings and Speak Dating sessions.

“It is with great excitement that we create new opportunities to raise awareness about the Spanish language and culture in the UAE. Alongside our range of Spanish products, we have also discussed with Ms González the prospects of offering the CELU (Certificado de Espa?ol Lengua y Uso), an international examination for Spanish as a Foreign Language,” commented Romina Mahtani, Operations Director at Eton Institute.
“The Spanish language is the second most spoken language across the world, so it is a valuable asset for anyone, personally as well as professionally,” she added.

Eton Institute publishes Spanish phrasebooks, regularly holds Spanish cultural evenings and is currently working with El Correo, the first Spanish newspaper in the UAE, in the aim to raise awareness about the language and culture in the region. The cooperation with the Argentinian Embassy is a great advantage for the Institute in the promotion of the Spanish culture, with the Expo 2020 on the horizon.

Eton Institute offers Spanish language courses, phrasebooks, cultural evenings and other events on a regular basis and at convenient timings. For more information about Eton Institute’s language courses in over 100 languages, professional development workshops and events, visit, or call 800 ETON (3866) to speak with an advisor.