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Eton Institute revolutionizes language learning with Amazon’s Alexa

Eton Institute embarks on a journey to revolutionize language learning with Amazon Echo, tapping into the potential of Alexa - Echo’s virtual assistant - to teach a language.

Paving the way for Mobile Learning through innovative solutions, Eton Institute explores new ways of language learning, tapping into the enormous potential of Alexa – Amazon’s cloud-based voice service.

Amazon Echo is a smart home device, which connects to Alexa – a cloud-based voice service with built-in skills such as, answering questions, playing music, reading the news, online shopping and more. In June this year (2015), Amazon released the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) to third party developers to add new skills to Alexa. Eton Institute has grabbed this opportunity to add language-teaching skills to Alexa, paving the way to how we may learn a language in the near future.

“Making a simple command to Alexa through Amazon Echo to ‘launch Eton’ and following instructions to learn the available languages, open up a new and intuitive way of learning and can test Alexa’s teaching skills.” said Sue Brett, VP of Sales & Marketing at Eton Institute.

According to the Coldwell Banker and CNET Smart Home Survey (August 2015), 47% of the consumers (ages 18 – 34) have smart home products installed in their homes. Additionally, 57% of smart home product owners agree that these devices save an average of almost 30 minutes of their time daily.

“At Eton Institute, we are constantly pushing the boundaries in making learning a language easy and accessible for all. Smartphones and mobile devices give us the flexibility to access information on the go through short, interactive bursts. We want to explore this potential for language learning, encourage relevant, easy-to-remember pieces of information, and make self-development even more accessible for all,” said Sue Brett, VP of Sales & Marketing at Eton Institute.

As part of its Mobile Learning programs, Eton Institute leads the way to provide the latest, cutting-edge tools and systems to deliver exceptional learning experience anytime, anywhere.