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Eton Institute to introduce new range of groundbreaking Mobile Learning options

Eton Institute Revolutionizes the Learning Landscape Through Innovative Mobile Learning & Microlearning Programs

Eton Institute, an international leader in learning and development solutions, will be demonstrating its innovative microlearning programs at the Training & Development Show ME 2015 on 15-16th September.

This innovation revolutionizes knowledge retention through short learning bursts mapped to maximize the human attention span. Available through a range of devices, such as tablets, smartphones and wearables, learners can now access useful content anytime, anywhere.

“Learning through manageable, bite-sized pieces of information facilitates the integration of the content in the brain’s long-term memory, leading to better retention and skill application,” commented Maya Mazloum, Learning & Development Manager at Eton Institute.

“Our microlearning products are designed to engage employees, through interactive learning bursts, such as videos, quizzes, blogs, slideshows and simulations, ensuring high retention and effective skill application. Uniquely mapped to the internationally recognized CEFR levels for language proficiency standards, microlearning is about achieving maximum benefits through minimal input,” she added.

According to the Pareto Principle, 20% of efforts lead to 80% of results, and microlearning targets that 20% to guarantee 80% of positive learning outcomes. In addition, costs are reduced and the return on investment is enhanced for the employees and the company as a whole.

Eton Institute is offering a free, exclusive microlearning demo every hour at Stand #130 on 15th -16th September, plus the chance to win the new iPhone 6S with access to a full year of Mobile Learning courses.