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Event Marketing Solutions launches Ortho Clinical Diagnostics into Middle East

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics (OCD) will demonstrate its medical solutions to healthcare providers in the Middle East as it embarks on a month-long roadshow with Event Marketing Solutions.

The tour kicked off this week in Dubai at the largest healthcare exhibition and medical congress in the Middle East, Arab Health. It will enable OCD customers to get hands-on experience of its latest technology solutions for screening, diagnosing, monitoring and confirming diseases early, before they put lives at risk.

The OCD roadshow follows a successful campaign in Europe last year. It returns to the UK in April, before visiting major European countries for the remainder of the year, enabling OCD to launch new products to key markets over the summer. A microsite is being developed by EMS to support the 2015 campaign.

Robyn Pereira, marketing director, Transfusion Medicine EMEA, at OCD said: “There are a wealth of opportunities available to us in the Middle East, so the region was an obvious choice when we were looking to diversify the tour. EMS’ knowledge and experience of the region have made this a simple process for us. We’ve already had some great success in Europe. The truck has enabled us to meet a wider and larger group of people then we would normally have access to, and give them a first-hand experi-ence of the benefits of our solutions. We hope this new leg of the tour will capitalise on our poten-tial.”

Gemma Edney, Account Director at EMS said: “It’s great to see a client become bolder with their tours. OCD’s campaign proved its value in Europe last year and we’re delighted to take them into the Middle East for the first time in 2015. Years of working in the region combined with our office in Dubai means that brands can feel confident that their message will resonate with the local audience and that logistics and border crossings will be stress-free”.