Complex Made Simple

His Excellency Sheikh Mubarak bin Nahyan inaugurates ‘The India Palace’ at Dalma Mall

Abu Dhabi’s most sought after shopping destination, Dalma Mall, will be formally opening out a traditional dining experience that brings forth Indian cuisine, called The India Palace, in a grand inauguration of sorts. The event will be presided over by His Excellency Sheikh Mubarak bin Nahyan and the Indian Ambassador to the UAE, His Excellency T P Seetharam.

Speaking about the new beginning, Mr. Mohammed Al Shaiba Al Mazrouei, Executive Director of Dalma Mall explained, “Dalma Mall already has the distinction of being one of the best shopping and eating destinations for people in Abu Dhabi. We recently had a fabulous dining experience of world cuisines coming together – and amidst this, The India Palace is a beautiful addition!”

Dalma Mall has the distinction of being a hotspot for shopping and culinary adventures in Abu Dhabi. One of the most prominent centres in the region, the Mall has stood tall among its competitors in the market for its stellar achievements and its many accolades. Earlier this year, Dalma Mall had come out with its own culinary symphony experience as it brought the best of food options from all over the world, and has also recently been the recipient of two prestigious awards, namely, “The Golden Europe Award” and the “Business excellence Award”. In the light of these many milestones, these celebrations were but in order.

H.E TP Seetharam, Ambassador of India to the UAE, said, “Nothing brings people closer than culture – whether it is food, art or music. In the 21st Century, the relevance of cultural diplomacy has been revived again – and I hope and pray for the best union of people of the world today through the simple yet revered world of food.”

Through the Great Golden memories of Mughal Ideology and Flamboyant Princely Culture, comes a phenomenal culinary experience in The India Palace. From the repertoire that was left behind by the great Mughal Dynasty, bits and pieces were picked up by great artist, craftsmen, musicians and chefs to recreate the magic of Mughal ideology in this era. A blast from the golden past, The India Palace recreates the same dazzling grandeur of the Mughal Dynasty in its finest form through its elaborate pictorial presentation and painstakingly hand done wood-work executed by skilled artisans. The crown jewel, of course, is the fabulous Mughal Cuisine at its best, formulated by guarded secret recipes handed down from the great Mughal kitchens of the Golden Era.