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Shopping expert? Check these Dubai Shopping Festival tips!

If you consider yourself an expert at striking a bargain, you should probably go through this list and see if you've crossed them all out at the DSF!

Have you heard about the VIP principle? Shop the Night Away at MoE Don't shy away from bigger sizes

Less than two weeks remaining! But if you're a shopaholic, you probably already know that. The Dubai Shopping Festival 2019 – Dubai's annual shopping extravaganza touted as the world's biggest shopping festival – will be drawing to a close on February 2, so if you've been saving up or are hoping to come across that perfect deal, now is as good a time as any!

  1. DSF Weekend Surprise
    This is just brilliant! You can get up to 90 percent discounts on branded items, but there's a catch! You can avail a 90 percent discount only at ONE select retailer or brand each weekend. Which one you ask? Good question! The deal is only announced 24 hours in advance so you need to keep a vigilant eye out on the Visit Dubai Weekend Surprise reveal page or the Dubai Shopping Festival's social media accounts. The event starts at 10am on the dot and stocks are limited. Next surprise reveal on: Jan. 24-26 – save the dates!
  2. Shop the Night Away
    This one's for you if you love shopping, but hate the crowds. It's a bunch of exclusive promotions, giveaways and gifts on purchase available only on Wednesday evenings/nights – there are two remaining – January 23 and January 30. Also, the 'shop the night away' event is only taking place at The Outlet Village, Mall of Emirates and Dubai Festival City.
  3. Don't shy away from bigger sizes
    If you've come across that perfect dress, classy gown, coat or shirt that's frustratingly not available in your size, don't walk away. There are a whole bunch of good tailors who will be able to alter a bigger size to fit you perfectly – and it'll still cost you much lesser than buying it two weeks from now!
  4. The men advantage
    Did you know – items like sneakers, especially at brands such as Saint Laurent and Off-White, are the same for men and women – BUT the men's offering is cheaper. Browse the men's departments for bigger benefits and cheaper original prices. So if you find it in your size at the men's section – take it!
  5. The VIP principle
    Very Important Products – first. A small discount on big purchases can often amount to more than big discounts on small purchases. Yes, read that sentence again. If you're looking at the big picture and want to save the most amount of money on your list of needs – find the discounts on the most expensive items first. Even a small discount on those expensive needs will save you more money in the long run.
  6. Do your research!
    This may sound like an amateur tip, but most people still don't follow it. If you're the kind whose eyes pop at a big discount – think again! It will take you 30 seconds to a minute to compare prices online. Also, don't buy the first thing you see. Head out only if you have the energy for it – places like the Gold Souk have a labyrinth of shops where negotiating and bargaining are as intricate an art as the jewelry you buy!
  7. Time your pit stops
    There's more to the Dubai Shopping Festival than just walking around. If you're heading to places like the Global Village, time your break times to coincide with live musical performances. Concerts featuring global superstars have free entry with the AED 15 entry ticket to the Global Village – and it takes place every Friday from 9pm. You can also enjoy a ferry or a boat ride and enjoy Dubai's gorgeous skyline along the Dubai Creek.
  8. DSF Market OTB
    The sixth edition of Market Outside the Box is killing it at Burj Park in downtown Dubai! A popular open-air venue for families and the claustrophobic, this signature market is a burst of creativity. It has enough to satiate the retail shopaholic in you, but also offers a bunch of cool and unique designs, activities, musical performances, and even yoga classes – for those inclined towards that!
  9. Carpet Oasis 2019
    This is a one-stop for all things carpet. In its 24th edition, Dubai's biggest carpet festival returns to City Walk with exhibitions of rare, handmade carpets. Even if you don't plan on buying a carpet immediately, give it a go. There are master carpet makers and expert speakers who will give you in-depth insights into what to look for in a carpet. You'll never feel scammed again!
  10. Travel packages
    … and here's where it gets interesting. Even if you don't want to travel or can't avail of the amazing discounts on the major airlines, there are still desert safaris, food tours and more on sensational discounts offered by travel agencies, tour operators and airlines. If you've not yet checked things off your Dubai bucketlist because it was too expensive, now is the best time!