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F1 in Schools Challenge inspires future engineers

Over 400 students from 22 schools showcased their engineering talent at the National F1 in Schools Technology Challenge held today, in Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi. ‘F1 in Schools’ is an international competition that challenges students to design, build and race miniature Formula One cars powered by compressed air canisters.

“The real challenge is engineering the car to a multi-page specification given by the panel.

It is an amazing opportunity for budding engineers to understand the processes that go into designing, manufacturing and testing machines,” said Gautham Sajith of Team Pistonari from Gems Our Own High School.

Saish Gaonkar from Team 21 m/s explains how exciting it has been to see their virtual car plans brought to life: “It takes several months of conceptualizing and brainstorming to identify the challenges. We worked hard to come up with a virtual 3D model of the race car, after studying aerodynamics, air friction and other variables. Creating such models with accuracy requires sophisticated machines and collaboration with industry experts.”

Talking about the industry’s role in nurturing young talent, Mr. Arif Sayani, Managing Director, Trinity Holdings, said: “Encouraging the next generation of engineers is something Trinity is extremely dedicated to. Working hand-in-hand with students, our engineers teach them to use the latest manufacturing systems and technology in place to bring their dream cars to reality. We see a great potential in these students who could become the engineering wizards of future, and this has been our motive behind sponsoring students for the F1 Challenge for a third consecutive year now.”

In addition to sharing the equipment and expertise to manufacture the cars, Trinity involved the students in team buildings, brainstorming and fund-raising activities that are also the winning factors of the competition.

The teams were judged at the end of the competition in different categories including their car design, speed, engineering, team work, project presentation and marketing display. The overall winners of the National F1 in Schools Challenge will be awarded the ‘UAE Champions’ title and represent the UAE at the world championship to be held in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi later this year.

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