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Falconcity of Wonders shares Urban Planning strategies with Indian students

CEPT University students gain practical insights on eco-friendly megaproject development

Falconcity of Wonders LLC, the developer of Falconcity of Wonders (FCW), the multipurpose mega project being built in Dubai, has welcomed today a student delegation from India’s Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT) University to share project management strategies being implemented at its unique ‘City of Wonders.’


Mr. Alharith bin Salem Almoosa, Vice Chairman & Deputy General Manager of Falconcity of Wonders, delivered a presentation on FCW’s phases of development to a group of postgraduate students from CEPT University, an academic institution located in AhmedabadIndia, which offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs on the natural and developed environments of society and other related areas. The hosted students got a deeper understanding of the key aspects of the mega project along with practical insights on how to make it as livable as possible. The group was taken on a tour around Falconcity of Wonders to introduce them to urban planning, design, construction and community management techniques implemented for the FCW community. The visit forms part of FCW’s efforts to help students from universities gain exposure to, and knowledge from, real-world applications of their respective fields.


Mr. Alharith bin Salem Almoosa said: “Habitat management is a crucial element of overall project management. It ensures that residents are happy and comfortable with their homes and surroundings. Even if a development is grand, beautiful, and strategically located, it holds little value if its living environment is unsatisfactory for the residents. We were able to emphasize the importance of the urban planning especially for megaprojects such as FCW, which promises distinctively pleasurable living experience.”


“The visit also enabled us to concretize our vision of transferring our knowledge and best practices to young minds who will overseetomorrow’s developments. Our guests from India


were very eager to learn from our experiences and will hopefully translate their newly-acquired knowledge to their country’s own future property developments. For our part, the stimulating discussions with the students provided us with refreshing perspectives on how to go about our future developments,” added Almoosa.


Occupying more than 41 million square feet, Falconcity of Wonders is a sprawling residential, tourist, entertainment and recreational megaproject shaped in the form of a Falcon, the UAE’s emblem. The mega development embraces the cultures of the world with its contemporary and unique structures that are inspired by the “Wonders of the World” – including the Leaning Tower of Dubai, the Dueiffel Tower Dubai, the Pyramids Park and the Dubai Hanging Gardens of Babylon to name a few.


Villas inspired by international architectural themes will form part of Falconcity of Wonders’ over 5,500 residential apartments and villas of various designs, locations and sizes. Commercial centers, ‘Falcon Fun City,’ family centers, sports facilities and schools are also included in the project’s master plan.