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FCA holds 2nd Partners Forum

Last weekend the Federal Customs Authority (FCA) held 2014 Partners Forum in Dubai, in presence of the representatives of federal ministries and institutions, local customs departments, business sector corporations, private companies, banks, media and suppliers.

In the forum, an overview of the customs history in the UAE was presented, highlighting the most important developments and accomplishments made by the FCA at the level of customs work and in building organizational capabilities in terms of customs, inspection and examination procedures and other factors.

At the end of the event, the FCA shield was granted to the honored personnel from local customs departments, security authorities, federal and local authorities and institutions, media and private companies.

In the keynote speech, Mr. Khalid Al Bustani, acting director general of FCA said, “It is a main orientation for our wise leadership to establish strong partnerships between all public and private entities as we believe that success and excellence springs from team work and cooperation. The directions of HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, were the guiding light for all governmental entities to establish special partnerships. They were evident enough in this regard, when he said (One of our main goals is to give care and special service to our customers and build real partnership with them)”.

Customer care and strong partnerships with mutual benefits are main pillars in the FCA strategy, operational plans and customs projects since inception to the development of 2014-2016 strategy, said Al Bustani.

The FCA applies a modern and advanced approach for partner relationship management based on sound scientific rules which adopt institutional excellence and strategic plan as a solid base. This approach relies on a transparent mechanism to determine, categorize and evaluate the partners locally, regionally and internationally in both public and private sectors, he said.

Applying this approach, he said, the FCA aims to develop an organizational system to manage relationships with partners; activate the exchange of experience, knowledge and services; increase return on investment and reduce the risks; and study the needs and expectations of the partners in order to develop the FCA strategic goals.

The FCA’s approach to partner relationship management made a paradigm shift in the partners’ range, expanding the geographic range of partners to neighboring Gulf States then to different countries across the world, Al Bustani said.

“By the end of 2013, the total of FCA partners hit 54; distributed between strategic and key partners on a 50-50 basis. Together with its partners at the local, gulf, Arab and international levels, the FCA created about 54 joint committees, chairing 18 and co-chairing the others”, he said.

“The remarkable turnout in this forum reflects the level and efficiency of the daily communication between the FCA and its partners wherever they are and no matter how different the services and products we need from them or even share the need for with them”, he said.

This turnout, he said, indicates also the strength of these relationships and the advanced levels of coordination and exchange of ideas and experiences that we need for development of service and business. “It also confirms that the partnership and cooperation between the FCA and all partners give a perfect example to follow not only at the local or regional levels but also at the international level”.

“This annual forum aims also to expand the partnership horizons; review the work procedures and coordination channels directly; and remove the obstacles to the relationships according to a mutual agreement”, he said.

“With its creative projects and initiatives the FCA aims to achieve the strategic goal of protecting the security of the society, facilitating trade and promoting cooperation with outside world, according to the federal government plan which adopted security of the society, openness to markets and free trade as an ultimate goal that can never be conceded whatever happened” he said.

“Innovation and creativity are at the heart of the FCA new strategy for 2014-2016. Through this strategy, we aim to implement several ideas, initiatives and projects that promote the culture of innovation and creativity and boost partnership with stakeholders pushing the UAE into the top level among the world’s countries”, Al Bustani said.

In his speech, the acting director general of FCA covered several initiatives and projects undertaken by the FCA such as the Mobile Government initiative to complete the FCA services via smart phones; the single window project which helps traders and importers to complete all their commercial transactions at one point and through a single electronic window, saving time, effort and money; the application of green customs standards and policies to protect the environment; the study of customs clearance time and the GCC customs union to achieve the final stage of the customs union; and the study of early queries about shipments.

The FCA, he said, shows how it is keen to celebrate its partners from different ministries, governmental and private entities and media. It emphasizes that working together means that all of us are committed to work as a one team for our nation’s progress, development and prosperity.

Al Bustani praised the level of cooperation offered by the FCA partners last year. He conveyed a thank-you message from the FCA board and staff to all partners for their sincere cooperation and active role in making a success of the plans implemented by the FCA.