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FGB launches career development initiative for 123 UAE National employees in 12 learning centers

As part of its commitment to Emiratisation and the continued professional development of its staff, First Gulf Bank (FGB), one of the major leading banks in the UAE, launched today a new career progression initiative for its Emirati employees.

The new scheme, known as Qudurati (meaning ‘my potential’ in Arabic), will see career guidance provided to UAE National employees through a number of innovatively designed learning centres.

The Qudurati initiative will allow FGB to identify the potential of its Emirati employees and promote their career progression by actively supporting their plans and meeting their development needs. Project Manager, Noora Al Rayassi explained, “With the launch of this new programme, we’re hoping to provide guidance and support to our Emirati employees, promoting their career development and helping them to prepare for and take the next step at FGB.” “As such, the initiative will see all eligible UAE National employees provided with individual development action plans to aid them in their professional and personal progression at FGB, and where possible, these will be aligned to future job opportunities,” she added.

Abdulrahman Saqr, Senior Vice President of HR and Head of Emiratisation at FGB, said, “We wholeheartedly back the government’s Emiratisation scheme and as one of the UAE’s leading banks, we feel it’s important to actively support these efforts. We have some incredibly talented Emirati staff members at FGB and we’re committed to supporting them in their aspirations and goals and providing the guidance they need to take that next step in their career.” “The banking and finance sector offers a wealth of career opportunities and we aim to become the employer of choice for UAE Nationals. We’re confident that an initiative like this will play an important role in FGB achieving that goal,” he added.

The move follows FGB’s attendance at two major career fairs, Careers UAE 2013 and the Al Ain Education and Career Fair, earlier this year, where the bank continued to search for young Emirati talent to increase UAE National staff levels. During its participation at the Al Ain Education and Career Fair 2013, FGB conducted a total of 350 interviews, from which 37 candidates were shortlisted for vacancies. FGB was the only bank to be present at the event.

In 2013, more than 1,400 UAE Nationals have visited the bank’s stands at career fairs in the UAE.