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Filli Café announces its major International Expansion Plan

Targets UK, USA, Canada, India, North Africa and Pakistan markets.

Filli Café, a name tea lovers in the UAE have come to trust and adore, has announced its ambitious International expansion plan with an eye on the markets in GCC Countries, North Africa, UK, USA, Canada, India and Pakistan.

The first franchise sign off for five outlets in Qatar has already set the renowned brand off on its way and has laid out the path for things to come.

The brand, a vision of the company founder and CEO Mr. Rafih FiLLi to give tea its place of pride in the coffee dominated beverage industry, has made its presence felt in the UAE market since 2004. Over the years, Filli Café has not only offered tea lovers in the region best quality offerings but also created an inviting ambience for them to feel at home. Today, it sells 30,000 cups of tea per day, and has grown to 15 outlets in the UAE with four more set to open in the near future.

The goal for the company is to become the largest and most admired tea brand in the world. It aims to take its delightful offerings, including the popular signature blend, Filli Zafran Tea to all tea lovers and make it a household name. The expansion plan for Filli Café has in the same vein. It has also offers a brilliant opportunity for investors in various regions of the world to be a part of the franchise business and what could be a tea revolution.

The new development for the company will bring Mr. Rafih FiLLi’s vision to life and he is definitely excited about what the future holds.

“We have been building our flagship brand Filli cafe in the UAE market with some unique concept and we believe that it’s time for us to expand our reach globally. We do have some ambitious plans for growth in both regional and international markets and our aim is to target a mix of new markets in various GCC countries, UK, US, Canada, India, Pakistan and North Africa to offer the customers with different experience.”

According to the expansion plan, Filli Café intends to open 100 outlets in the UAE by 2020. By the year 2017, it plans to open 30 stores in the UAE with 70 operating franchises all over the world. While the outlets in the UAE will be, 100% owned by Mr. Mr. Rafih FiLLi, the franchise option would be available in all the other countries. In fact, the plan has been set in motion with the first franchises for five outlets already being signed off in Qatar. The brand has also set up a dedicated team for expansion in the UK and India.

“Since its inception, Fillicafe’s concept and service standards are well accepted by all the nationalities in this region. Hence, we firmly believe that this franchise option will play a major role in taking our brand into the global markets.” Concluded Mr. Filli.

Fillicafe has already started their extensive expansion plans by targeting 300 locations in the United Kingdom alone and currently looking forward to collaborate with potential franchise partners in the various International markets to grow with them from strength to strength. With the highly anticipated International expansion plan, it will hope to do just that in the coming years.