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FINE Hygienic Paper Co. launches ‘Corona & Flu Campaign’

Campaign aims to promote personal hygiene among students

Committed to promoting cleanliness and ensuring the wellbeing of all, FINE Hygienic Paper Company, operating under FINE Hygienic Holding, has launched a new awareness campaign entitled the “Corona & Flu Campaign.”

The initiative seeks to help students understand the importance of taking precautionary measures this winter to reduce the likelihood of them getting sick.

FINE’s Customer Service team visited several schools across Jordan to give lectures on how using FINE SteriPro products can significantly reduce chances of getting the Corona virus.

Additionally, the team passed out On-the-Go Protection Kits to students which consist of anti-bacterial hand gel, wet wipes, a face mask, menthol-scented pocket tissues and a brochure about the Corona virus issued by the Ministry of Health.

Several informative stands were set up at schools in areas that have significant activity allowing kids to practice what they learned. Visits also teach students how tissues are produced from tree pulp and how FINE’s environmentally friendly policy specifies that five trees are planted for every tree used. In hopes of reaching out to the maximum number of students, FINE Jordan will visit four to five schools each month this winter.

Mohammed Al Thurshan, Head of Sales and Marketing at FINE Hygienic Paper Company, stressed the importance of the campaign saying: “As we strive to constantly benefit our fellow citizens through the launch of such campaigns, the Corona & Flu Campaign is considered to be among our latest initiatives. Our mission here at FINE has always been to offer high-quality products and services that are aligned with the exact needs of our community.”