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Finnish minister: Nokia drives down trade with Saudi Arabia

She stresses a strategic partnership between the two countries to develop infrastructure necessary for a nuclear deal

The volume of trade with Saudi Arabia amounted to more than €1 billion through more than 23 Finnish companies operating in the Kingdom, reveals Finnish minister.

Lenita Toivakka, minister of Foreign Trade and Development of Finland, estimates the revenues of Finnish companies in the Kingdom at €5bn.

Toivakka, answering a question from Al Riyadh newspaper, says: “The reason behind the drop in trade between Finland and Saudi Arabia is that Finnish company Nokia stopped selling and exporting mobile phones to the Kingdom.”
The Finnish trade minister adds that “Saudi Arabia is the biggest economy in the Middle East and we have noted the Kingdom’s continuing economic growth and strengths.”

She stresses that there is a strategic partnership between the Kingdom and Finland to develop the infrastructure necessary for a nuclear deal between the two countries, indicating that this step is essential to achieve the objectives of the Kingdom for the implementation of an ambitious peaceful nuclear energy programme to provide the kingdom with alternative energy sources and high sustainability.

(€1= AED3.95, at the time of publishing)