Complex Made Simple

First set of designers Endemage wow the audience in Persil Arwaa Abaya: Stars of Design

In what can be termed as a perfect launch-pad for the Persil Black Abaya Shampoo’s new format of Persil Arwaa Abaya Competition 2014 season, the first set of designers raised the benchmark to unprecedented levels of excellence.

Lubna and Nadia Al Zakawani, representing the renowned Oman-based fashion house Endemage, provided audience of the Arwaa Abaya contest some amazing insights into the world of modern fashion juxtaposed with traditional silhouettes& embellishments.

In a new avatar, known as Stars of Design, the Persil Arwaa Abaya contest this year is dedicating one full month to a designer/ team, who could be a famous one with his or her own lines or boutiques. The program is telecast on MBC 1 on their morning show Sabah Al-Kheir Ya Arab between 11 AM to 1 PM.

Throughout the month, the program sheds light on a particular aspect of the designers every week such as 1. Meet the designer: encompassing a quick introduction, and focusing on personal aspects; 2. The Collection Show: showcasing the collection, 3. Inspiration: the inspirational thought or idea and video of sketches, a visit to workshop and 4. My Abaya World: including a visit to the designer’s own wardrobe.

Over the last four episodes, Lubna and Nadia showcased various facets of their persona and skills – be it their Arab chic style with an air of Arab romanticism, or the modern-day Arab women who depict an understated feminine appeal but still walk with confidence and demand.

During the various episodes, the audiences were given a sneak preview into Lubna and Nadia’s passion with fashion designing since their childhood, inspired primarily by their mother’s boutique. The designers also shed light on their motivation – ranging from the rich and quintessential Omani culture, its clothing, tradition, history, mosques and forts and reinforcing this rich legacy with a contemporary touch.

“What a start we had for this year’s Stars of Design. As evident, this year’s new format offers us the chance to get to know the intricate details about the designer’s personality and lives, which play a pivotal role in their career paths. The focus on collection and their inspiration give us an overview of the aspirational facets while My Abaya World is an amazing journey into the wardrobe, which provides a comprehensive impression about the designer. Like our first team of designers, we are confident that the other designers and their team would be a great learning experience for us and the viewers. We are happy that we could serve as a platform to bring such levels of excellence and expertise on to a public domain,” said Lisa Tohme at Henkel Arabia.

Five more designers/ team would take the centre stage in the competition over the next five months.

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