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Flex introduces new solution for obesity without surgery, La Beauté

Recently, statistics have indicated that Kuwait has the largest percentage among other countries in the Gulf Region in obesity by 43% of its population. Since Flex Resorts & Real Estate Co. has proven its dedication to serve the Kuwaiti community in any possible way to fight obesity, it has announced the launching of a new non surgical technique to fight obesity; “La Beauté”.

The new technology “La Beauté” is a fat burning machine imported from Italy and exclusively available at Flex. It targets the body’s problem areas such as cellulite and fat in order to achieve a toned, contoured and well sculpted body comfortably and safely. A total loss of 12 kilos monthly is possible once taking the full 12 fat burning sessions, following a healthy diet provided by Flex Gourmet and performing the recommended exercises at Flex Gym- those will be given for free by Flex once you register for “La Beauté” fat burning sessions.

In the occasion of launching “La Beauté”, Flex will be present at the Avenues Mall from December 26th until the 28th on three full day promotion to illustrate the mechanism of this technique for those who are interested in this non surgical option and those who are eager to stay in shape.

In this regards, Mrs. Basma Al-Naqi, Assistant Managing Director at Flex Resorts & Real Estates Co., stated, “Since its inception, Flex with all its various divisions has been a one stop shop for those aspiring to maintain eternal youth, fitness and keep up a good body shape. Whether through the Gym or the Gourmet or the Spa, Flex has been keen to equip its subsidiaries with the newest technology and beauty solutions to provide a healthy lifestyle to all of our customers. Now, adding this non surgical option for fat burning will be an added value for our customers who would like to lose the extra weight in less time.”

Mrs. Al-Naqi added, “What we are looking to achieve through “La Beauté” is to spare our valuable customers the painful recovery period they would go through after surgeries and to achieve fantastic results with less pain and less time. We believe that it is part of our responsibility towards the Kuwaiti society to provide the community with all of the latest technologies in order to reduce the obesity percentage which became a serious disease that infects: children, youth and elders.”


Hiba Al Zouhbi
Media Relations Executive
Tel: +965 2 2916093