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Follow the Nawras Goodwill Journey on #RamadanJourney

The 10th annual Nawras Goodwill Journey kicks off on Sunday 6 July with a special online focus enabling the public to follow and join in the experience.

Nawras has created the hashtag #RamadanJourney to share snapshots of the Goodwill Journey from the volunteers themselves as they travel the length and breadth of the country supporting families and associations in need. The hashtag is also being promoted in the Nawras Ramadan campaign for customers to share their personal journeys and stories during this holy month.

Nawras Chief Customer Experience Officer, Said Safrar, said the hashtag was a great way for people to engage and interact with Nawras, which is well known across the Gulf region for its Goodwill Journey initiative.

“Our theme this year is Digital and Family which is about us connecting with our communities in a digital world,” he said. “With #RamadanJourney the whole of Oman can interact and feel part of the Goodwill spirit.”

“Everyone across Oman can follow us real-time and see our live Tweets, Facebook uploads and YouTube videos. The Nawras website will also be tracking the Journey and volunteers live by GPS.”

Nawras has built the Goodwill Journey over the past 10 years to become the company’s flagship Corporate Social Responsibilty (CSR) initiative. The Nawras Goodwill messengers will be spreading happiness to local families and children by providing them with items to help them with their daily lives, have a positive impact and give much needed assistance.

The convoy this year will carry up to 35 volunteers across thousands of kilometres, touching a number of community associations in cities and villages across the Sultanate.

The 10th Goodwill Journey Routes

Starting from the Nawras Campus at Muscat Grand Mall, the journey will be divided into two stages; the first will head north from Muscat, through Al Batinah, stopping in Mussanah and Sohar before heading to Khasab in Mussandam, the northern-most enclave of the Sultanate. From there, Nawras Goodwill volunteers will begin their return to Muscat through Buraimi and Ad Dakhiliyah, arriving back at the Nawras Campus. The team will restock, refuel and prepare for the second leg of their trip, headed south to Sur, Jalan, Ibra, Haima, concluding in Salalah.

Safrar added, “The Nawras volunteers will arrive equipped with laptops, televisions, cooking appliances, laundry facilities and household items to donate to the organisations and assist with ongoing learning projects. We will also be delivering digital items to the children to help with their education as we look to make a difference, inspire and help the people of Oman achieve their full potential.”

For the past decade, volunteers from Nawras, part of the Ooredoo Group, a leading international communications company, have travelled the length and breadth of the Sultanate to enrich the daily lives of people in Oman. Since 2005, fasting Nawras Goodwill Messengers have travelled over 55,000 kilometres and helped nearly 10,000 families in need.

Customers can follow the journey live by visiting the Nawras website at progress and also enjoy daily updates from Nawras Goodwill Journey 10 through the Nawras official social media platforms. Video diaries will be uploaded to the Nawras YouTube Channel,, and images will be posted during the Journey on Facebook at Nawras volunteers will also be tweeting live on location at as well as via the dedicated hashtag of #RamadanJourney throughout the trip.