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foodora brings fine dining to doorsteps in Dubai

foodora, Rocket Internet-­backed company, asserts itself as the go-­to delivery service for quality food from top Dubai restaurants

foodora (, the Berlin­-based company that enables quality restaurants to offer delivery, is now fully-fledged in Dubai and teaming up with a some of the city’s most iconic restaurants, bringing in a new combination of quality and convenience into Dubai’s culinary culture.

Since its official establishment in Dubai September 2015, foodora has taken the online food delivery business by storm, teaming up exclusively with diverse, high-quality restaurants throughout the city. foodora has already partnered with 150 outlets in Dubai. The partnerships provide an opportunity for these outlets to obtain a larger customer base and increase revenues, without having to employ their own couriers. Some of those outlets include Clinton Street Bakery, Pantry Cafe, Shakespeare & Co., Accents by Intercontinental, Peacock by Sheraton, Ping Pong and many more.

foodora comes to Dubai at a time where demand for home delivery services are at their peak. According to the 2015 Euromonitor International, home delivery is a fast-growing market in the UAE, depending 100% on restaurants that deliver based on speed and convenience, though not necessarily prioritizing health. Now with foodora, customers do not have to trade convenience for quality – they can have both. Foodora brings an additional outlet to the food delivery scene in Dubai for diverse, top quality food from iconic restaurants as an alternative to traditional fast food choices.

“The decision to launch in Dubai was an obvious one. The combination of the city’s iconic restaurants and the population’s high expectation towards convenience and quality make it the perfect city for foodora’s first venture in the Middle East”, says Alexander Kappes, the Vice President of foodora Middle East. “Our full­ service solution allows restaurants to focus on one thing: cooking. We take the meal and bring it to the customer.”

To date, foodora is the only entity in the UAE that uses an ‘intelligent’ delivery service; a special algorithm software for fast and efficient delivery. The software was specially designed to track traffic in dense urban cities like Dubai, and provides alternative routes for drivers that ensure orders reach its clients – even during Dubai’s rush hour – in the span of 35 minutes.

In celebration of foodora’s recent establishment in Dubai, launch event was hosted, bringing more than just food to the table. The event aimed to promote awareness of foodora’s services amongst the various communities and stakeholders in Dubai, allowing them to get a feel of the cuisines from a diverse range of cultures and top-notch restaurants. The event took place at Dusty’s, one of Dubai’s newest restaurants.

foodora is a company that was first established in Berlin in 2014. It currently has partnerships with over 4000 restaurants in 14 countries and 25 cities around the world; including Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Helsinki, Toronto, Melbourne, Madrid, Milan, Munich, Oslo, Paris, Stockholm, Vienna , and now fully-fledged in Dubai in the UAE.