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Friday Market announces free classifieds website for GCC Arab locations

Free Online Marketplace Offers Opportunity to Buy and Sell Pre-Owned Merchandise, Find Housing and Locate Desirable Employment Opportunities

Friday Market, a premiere online trading and classifieds site, has launched its new website, The cutting-edge website is currently focused on listings and resources for GCC Arab countries, including Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Friday Market is a totally free classifieds website where people are able to buy and sell pre-owned items such as mobile devices, exercise equipment, clothing, cars and trucks, furniture, household items and many other used goods. This exclusive service by Friday Market is intended for those wanting to buy or sell “everyday consumer items.”

Friday Market is offering a valuable service to its customers. For instance, there are easy-to-find free listings for flats and rooms to rent. There are many affordable listings for fully and partially-furnished flats and villas. Customers from Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE are able to check the classified listings and find housing postings. lists office spaces for those looking for a dedicated office-away-from-home. One may also find warehouses and labor camps for large construction and storage projects.

Another free service from Friday Market is the employment listings section. The site assists in a job search by posting employment opportunities for GCC Arab countries. If a person is looking for work in Bahrain,Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, one is able to scroll through employment listings free of charge.

Some of the various jobs offered have included: Chef, Accountant, Engineers, Public Relations Officer, Marketing Executive, Electrician, Plumber, Administrative Assistant, Receptionist, Customer Care, Retail Sales, Call Center, Child Care, Drivers, Laborer, Refrigeration Tech and Safety Officers.

Customers are quite pleased with the variety of listings. Said one shopper, “On any given day, I can choose from used cars, baby furniture, watches, a complete office set, televisions, rented villas and mobile devices. I try to look every day to see what is on offer. Today I saw postings for Range Rovers, Hondas, Jeeps and Chevrolets. You can find really good deals here.” is a resource for moving and shifting businesses, cleaning services, air conditioning installation, car repair and many sorts of maintenance and mechanical repair. The site is available in both English and Arabic languages. Customers are able to access the site from mobile devices and computers.