Complex Made Simple

Friends of Cancer Patients helps female patients’ embrace positive outlook with make-up workshop

Friends of Cancer Patients charity (FoCP) has announced a new initiative, entitled ‘Color my World’, which teaches cancer patients and survivors to do their own makeovers, enabling them to embrace a positive outlook and improve their self-esteem, a mental attitude which is well known for having a beneficial effect on treatment outcomes.

Two professional make-up advisors, Nitasha Saxena and Eirini Hannah, conducted the first session of this inspiring initiative with 20 patients at Fairmont Dubai. The sessions will take place every two months.

The artists avoid an overload of professional make-up techniques, and focus on basic pro tricks and guidance with good product choices. They try to help every woman with simple guidelines on make-up application in a relaxed and supporting setting.

As Dr. Sawsan Al Madhi, Secretary General for the Friends of Cancer Patients charity (FoCP) noted, “It is well established that patient psychology, positive outlook and strong self-esteem are important factors in the healing process of cancer or any disease for that matter We know that the loss of hair and pallor that can come with cancer treatments can leave a strong impact on the morale of patients. And a positive mental outlook and strong morale is key to positive outcomes for cancer patients.”

“For this reason, we have launched this initiative, with the support of Fairmont Dubai as the venue sponsor and Body Shop who have sponsored gifts to the patients, to help our patients feel better about themselves, to learn new skills, and improve both their quality of life and also treatment outcomes by engendering a positive sense of self,” she added.

The two professional make-up artists, Saxena and Hannah, have given their time to this programme because they feel the initiative is important to patients’ wellbeing. It is a way for them to help improve the lives of those undergoing the challenges of cancer treatment.

The ‘Color my World’ initiative is part of FoCP’s increased emphasis this year on patient-focused events, which includes free hotel stays, support group meetings, inviting patients together for meals and other interesting excursions. This has led to 2014 being one of the busiest years yet for FoCP in terms of patient support initiatives – with 2015 scheduled to be even more full with a broad range of programmes to help patients overcome their challenges.