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Future of Sciences & Management – Career Counselling Summit & Exhibition to be held in January 2015 in Dubai

The Future of Sciences & Management – Career Counselling Summit & Exhibition (FOSM-HECSE), a two-day summit targeting students from various medical, non-medical and business fields, under the patronage of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR will be held on January 13 – 14, 2015 at Le Meridien Hotel, Airport Road, Dubai. The Summit will bring more than 25 universities and institutions under one roof to offer free counseling to students on career goals and planning.

The Summit is targeted towards students of medical sciences, engineering, IT and business management.

The Summit will bring various academia experts to address the students on practical and simple career mapping routes which can help them with their career planning. The interactive sessions will address the various career related doubts and queries of students.

“Today, to flourish in a dynamic global economy, every student deserves an education that culminates in twenty first century readiness for college, careers and civic participation. Many students need additional preparation to handle the increasingly higher expectations of postsecondary education, or civic responsibility,” said Dr. Namrata K Pathania, Executive Director and the organizer of Future of Sciences & Management event.

The main objective of the Summit is to nurture students’ vision through adequate as well as relevant information in a direct and effective way and give them a comprehensive overview of educational programmes offered in the UAE and abroad, by public and private institutes, on undergraduate and postgraduate level. It also aims at supporting the efforts of graduates and job seekers to kick start their career, change their job or enhance their skills through lifelong learning.

“Today, we are in the midst of most significant and fundamental changes in the science industries, such as healthcare, information technology, business and engineering industries. Young people who may eventually consider a career in science and management needs to understand the changing nature of industries and their impact on attending medical, non-medical and management universities, choosing a career, and developing the skills they will need to be future leaders in the field,” Dr. Pathania added.

The Future of Sciences & Management Higher Education Summit is a Career Counselling Summit’s intensive two day programme is tailored to high school students who are already interested in pursuing careers in science and business management.

Attendees can expect to gain a unique, behind-the-scenes insight into the dynamic world of science and management through experiential learning, guest lectures and networking opportunities with the leaders and innovators in the global science and business community, in order to build upon their already significant abilities and chart their path to becoming leaders in medical, non-medical and business fields.