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GEMS teacher presented with Excellence Award at 25th Anniversary Conference of WISE

Yasmine Dannawy, Vice Principal of Al Khaleej National School, has been honoured with the prestigious Excellence Award for Women in Science and Engineering (WISE).

Yasmine’s Excellence Award was in recognition of her participation in a summer placement programme for eight weeks in a Medical Science Lab on the Memorial University Campus in St John’s Newfoundland, Canada. She then went on to coordinate and lead this programme. Under her guidance over 300 girls were placed in research and medical laboratories on the university campus to spark their interest in both science and engineering.

Her involvement included securing grants for the female students, selecting applicants, monitoring their progress and co-coordinating with the professors on the research projects undertaken by these ambitious learners.

Carolyn J. Emerson, Project Coordination from the Canadian Centre for Women in Science, Engineering, Trades and Technology (WinSETT Centre) nominated Yasmine for the award. “I am especially pleased to have nominated Yasmine for a number of reasons. Her enthusiasm as a student and then as our Coordinator was boundless. She has always seen the possibilities to not only expand her own horizons but also in her role as an educator to foster that quality in her students, especially the girls and young women,” said Emerson.

She added, “Yasmine’s passion for making the world a better place has taken her on ventures near and far. She has shared stories of the challenges faced by her female students with us and how she has works with them and their families to enable these young women to fulfill their dreams, especially in what are considered ‘non-traditional’ paths. She has carried the world of possibilities with her as an educator and her students are benefitting.”

Four GEMS Jumeriah College students, all women, who have since gone on to study science and engineering contributed supporting statements to the nomination for this award: Bethan Phipps, who holds a Master’s degree in Chiropractic (MChiro); Singh Akanksha, BSc. Geology, McGill University and part-time researcher at Earth Observatory Singapore; Abigail Freeman, who is soon to graduate with a Masters in Civil Engineering at the University of Bristol; and Elizabeth McAuliffe, 1st MEng Hons Aeronautical Engineering from Imperial College London (plus Distinction in the GDL and LPC from BPP Law School).

Upon receipt of the inaugural Excellence Award at the 25th Anniversary Conference of the Women in Science and Engineering WISE Canada banquet dinner in St John’s Newfoundland, Canada, Yasmine, said, “I am particularly honored by this award as I feel this has been a lifelong pursuit to ensure that all young people realize their dreams.”

Nigel Cropley, Princpial and CEO of Al Khaleej National Schoo,l added, “We are delighted for Yasmine to have won this award. She is a highly valued member of our team. She is an inspiration to all our students but most notably our female students who look to her for guidance and encouragement towards their goals.”

The primary goal of the WISE Merit Award for Excellence is for the winners not only to encourage young women to enter science, engineering and medical research careers, but for their pupils to take positive understandings from their educational experience to help make informed career and life choices. Nominees must have demonstrated a high level of commitment to their chosen profession and to the promotion of science, engineering and construction to girls and young women.