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Genuine car parts maintain optimum vehicle performance and help save lives

All parts that go into the production of a car are tested in accordance with local, regional and global standards of safety, durability and reliability. More specifically, BMW original parts are put through the rigors of extreme crash and lab tests, and have a high reliability because of the high quality materials used in their build. The various individual components are designed and perfectly harmonized to work well with each BMW.

As these parts need to be replaced in accordance with BMW’s periodic service specifications or due to unwanted accidents that cause severe damage to the vehicle, an additional value is that many of the parts come with a two-year BMW warranty.

The benefits of BMW original parts fall into three categories – Safety, Value Retention and Sustainability: Original BMW parts are subject to the same high quality standards as BMW vehicles, so customers can depend on them when it matters. The precision and high-quality construction of each part also guarantees that all components in a BMW work together perfectly for optimum performance and maximum safety.

Each BMW part has been designed and manufactured to fit with the exact requirements of each vehicle for optimum longevity. Using original BMW parts therefore preserves the vehicle’s original condition and keeps its value without compromising on quality.

In terms of Sustainability, the use of BMW original parts aids in reducing fuel consumption as well as pollutant emissions. It also helps in the reduction of raw material usage because 60 percent of the parts can be reused at the end of their lifetime.

Ali Alghanim & Sons Automotive, together with BMW, are committed to vehicle safety, value retention and safety of customers.

“As the exclusive importers and distributors of BMW, a brand that is globally recognised as among the most luxurious and best engineered cars in the world, we aim to keep customers aware of the dangers and risks of purchasing and using counterfeit parts,” said Yousuf Al Qatami, General Manager of Ali Alghanim & Sons Automotive. “While a number of customers may do so for short term savings, they must be informed about the adverse long-term implications it has on their vehicle, which may ultimately end up costing them more, maybe even their lives.

“As the use of only genuine and manufacturer approved parts are essential for the utmost safety, comfort reliability and optimum performance of your car, it is highly recommended and adviced that car owners should not risk their life by using cheap replacement automobile parts at any time,” he added. “People should understand the dangers behind using fake products and see the benefits of purchasing original parts. If they do, the less likely they are to suffer severe or even fatal road traffic injuries and lose value on their car.

“Also, as a vital component of our market-leading after sales service, our expert technicians have all been properly trained to use only genuine and approved replacement parts that ensure seamless continuity of BMW’s safety and reliability assurances,” he explained.