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Gitex technology week: Watch Avaya fuse business realities with the virtual world

Avaya, a global leader in cloud, SaaS, and business communication, is at GITEX Technology Week 2020 and will be broadcasting their event activities directly to almost 150 cities around the world

Avaya's revenue for the 3rd quarter was $755 million, $35 mn up from the previous quarter Avaya technologies enable organizations to ‘compose’ solutions, using different elements to deliver desired outcomes We’ll see increased demand for open platforms allowing organizations to cherry-pick services from different providers

Avaya, a global leader in cloud, SaaS, and business communication, is at GITEX Technology Week 2020 and will be broadcasting their event activities directly to almost 150 cities around the world, offering an opportunity to find out about the latest technical solutions it has developed to enable business sustainability and the globalization of work.

Despite the pandemic, Avaya won over 1,500 new customers globally in its last quarter alone, recording a 50% increase from Q3.  

To find out more about Avaya’s impressive fiscal year, and their use of technologies that enable organizations to ‘compose’ solutions based on desired outcomes while creating meaningful multi-experiences for employees and customers, Nidal Abou-Ltaif, President, Avaya International, responded to our inquiries on these subjects and more.

How are you achieving business sustainability with Avaya solutions geared at companies’ digital transformation efforts? 

Just 3 years ago, we laid out a strategy to be a leader in digital transformation for enterprise customers and to transform Avaya to a cloud and SaaS company. Our recently announced 4th quarter and year-end financial results show we are making significant progress on that strategy.

We believe that work-from-anywhere is here to stay but we will be working in a hybrid environment and businesses are stating this very clearly. Avaya is providing our customers with the scale, reach, security, and innovation required to tackle the new challenges and opportunities that have resulted from the events of the last 12 months.

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What cloud-based innovations are you introducing with OneCloud towards work from anywhere models? 

What sets the Avaya OneCloud apart from other private clouds is that it ensures multi-experience continuity across each phase of your personalized cloud journey.

Our solutions support the creation of the digital workplace and future customer experience center through core capabilities combined with one of the industry’s richest ecosystems. Based on Avaya OneCloud, these technologies enable organizations to ‘compose’ solutions – using different elements to deliver desired outcomes – to create multi-experiences for employees and customers that are just as meaningful in the digital realm as they are in person.

Does your revenue growth reflect the demand for cloud, digital communication, data, and computing solutions during COVID? 

Earlier this month, Avaya posted its financial results for its fiscal fourth quarter and full financial year. Revenue for the quarter was $755 million, $35 mn up from the previous quarter, and $31 mn up from the year-ago period. Cloud, Alliance Partners, and Subscription (what the company calls CAPS) revenue for the full year amounted to 26% of total earnings, compared to 15% in the previous fiscal year. 

The company’s revenue from Software and Services was 88%, while recurring revenue was 63%, both solid indicators of the company’s success in transforming its business. 

How do the multi-experiences for employees and customers bridge virtual and physical realms?  

Avaya’s portfolio of solutions and services allow enterprises of all sizes to create CX and EX multi-experiences that can leverage video collaboration, AI-powered decision making, real-time sentiment feedback, and workflow routing across channels to provide seamless, personalized interactions and ensure a consistent experience across the user journey.

Avaya Vantage Device

We have seen the rise of what Gartner calls the ‘Everything Customer’. These customers want it all, and more. They want to be left alone, yet remain connected. They want to be treated equally but served uniquely. And they want any requests to be dealt with instantly and seamlessly. The rise of this customer is having profound effects on the way organizations approach both customer experience and internal processes and technologies. 

Over the next 12 months, we’ll see increased demand for open platforms, through which organizations can cherry-pick services from different providers, getting access to best-of-breed technology for composing unique solutions that drive specific customer and business outcomes.

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What are the top sectors/industries Avaya is pitching to as a priority?     

Our objective is to provide technical innovation for enhanced experiences equally to various users, sectors, and needs. We have seen the biggest changes take place in the banking and financial sectors. Their mission was very clear. We also saw big changes in the public sector, which has never before had employees working from home, but must also remain operational.

Besides Avaya’s OneCloud solution, the new Avaya Medical application is designed to help healthcare providers dramatically improve the patient’s communication experience. 

We offered Avaya Spaces collaboration software for free to educational institutions and non-profit organizations around the world ensuring the safe continuity of classes, engagement with students, and delivering on educational objectives.